Young and the Restless




5th- 9th January, 1981


(Toledo Blade Monday 12th January, 1981)


At Felipe’s insistence, Kay returns to Genoa City, tells Derek he can be her husband in name only for the time being.  As for Derek’s place in the company, Victor will decide what it will be.  Eve tells Derek that she thinks Julia may be pregnant by someone other than Victor.  Kay decides to resume her friendship with Doug despite Derek’s desires.  Greg is very upset when he learns that Paul is that father of April’s baby Heather.  Laid off from work, Wayne hopes April marries Greg so that Greg can support all the family, including Wayne and his wife.  Nikki learns from Paul that he is Heather’s father.


12th- 16th January, 1981


(Toledo Blade Monday 19th January, 1981)


April is unaware that her baby Heather needed an immunization shot when the child is stricken with diphtheria and is in a critical condition.  Patti’s parents learn she is taking the pill.  When Jack and Patti go into her driveway, an enraged Paul comes out and tells Jack to shove off or he’ll kill him.


19th – 23rd January, 1981


(Toledo Blade Monday 26th January, 1981)


Greg decides the only way April and Heather can have any chance of a life is if Paul marries April and gives Heather his name.  Paul is stunned by Greg’s idea since he knows Greg hates him and how much he loves April.  April and Paul marry in the hospital chapel.  Victor suggests to Julia that they leave Genoa City because Eve Howard continues as a threat to their marriage.  Victor is trying to muscle Derek out as head of Chancellor Corp. while Derek is doing everything to hold on.


26th- 30th January, 1981


(Toledo Blade Monday 2nd February)


As Paul and April stand by baby Heather’s hospital bed, the monitor indicates no heartbeat.  Julia tells Michael she must leave town, and they admit their love for one another.  Liz tells Greg she is moved by his unselfish act of having Paul marry April, since she knows how much he loves her.  Nikki, seeing Paul wed, feels lost and decides to take a job offer where she is stripper at an amateur night contest.


Thursday 29th January, 1981


Beverly Garland made her first appearance on the show in the role of Kay Thurston.  Jeanne Cooper was unwell.


2nd- 6th February, 1981


(Toledo Blade Monday 9th February)


Victor Newman names Judy head of Chancellor Corp. but tells her she must get rid of Derek both personally and professionally.  Jack warns Peggy that her marriage to Steve will be unhappy since they are not sexually compatible.  Eve tells Jill that she should not play too hard-to-get where her boss is concerned, especially after Abbott asks her to join him at a cosmetics convention.  Greg and April make love.


9th-13th February, 1981


(Toledo Blade Monday 16th February)


Lance arrives in Genoa City with his fiancée Simone, a renowned European sculptress.  Vanessa and Simone are both overprotective, domineering women who will do anything to get Lance’s undivided attention.  Derek and Eve send a false medical bill to Victor’s house, stating payment for the vasectomy.  When Julia sees the bill, she learns not only that Victor had a vasectomy without telling her, but that it happened before she conceived the child she was carrying.  Michael and Julia realise he is the father of her child but decide to keep up with the charade so that Victor, who can be wild, will not harm anyone.


16th -20th February, 1981


(Toledo Blade Monday 23rd February)


Stuart is surprised when Peggy suddenly agrees to marry Steve.  Lance pays a visit to Leslie in the hope that it will stir her memory but it doesn’t.  Lance tells Leslie he doesn’t know that it would be right for Lucas and Lorie to raise Brooks even though they say that they love each other.  Derek things that Victor is going to be destroyed by Julia’s knowledge that Victor had a vasectomy, but Julia and Michael decide not to let Victor know that she’s awre that she’s not carrying his child.


23rd- 27th February, 1981


(Toledo Blade Monday 2nd March, 1981)


Liz feels she’s not worthy.  Lance has a meeting and the old feeling of love is rekindled for Lorie.  Greg advises Leslie that the only way Lorie can keep Brooks is by being granted custody, which would make Lorie that child’s legal mother.  Casey is shocked when Jonas takes her to a nightclub and she sees Nikki as the “amateur night stripper”.


2nd-6th March, 1981


(Toledo Blade Monday 9th March)


Victor Newman continues to carefully plan his bomb shelter while Julia is in the hospital.  Paul’s parents are upset when they learn that April and Paul are married in name only.  Although Paul does not care about Greg and April’s romantic relationship, he intends to have fatherly responsibilities towards Heather.  Paul’s father is proud when Paul says college will have to wait in order for him to pay off his debts.


March 1981

(Ten Years Ago: 30th. April, 1981 – Soap Opera Digest)

                Victor persuaded his wife, Julia, that she didn’t look healthy and should spend a few days in the hospital.  While she was gone, he had a contractor build a secret prison in the basement of his ranch.  The control freak also had Julia’s hospital room bugged, so he could listen in on her conversations with her lover, Michael Scott.  What he heard made him more determined to get that shelter built, pronto.  Julia was unnerved when Victor told her he was never going to let her go- she belonged to him.

                With romance on her mind, Jill was looking forward to a business trip to New Orleans with her boss, John Abbott.  John was fighting his attraction to his hot-blooded employee and, fearful of what could happen away from the office, cancelled Jill’s tickets.  Hurt, Jill went out for a cocktail and ran into Jack.  They wound up in Jack’s bed in the Abbott home.  When an embarrassed, hungover Jill slinked home the next morning, after extracting a promise from Jack not to tells his father about their tryst, Jill found a note from John professing his love.  But John had spotted Jill sleeping in Jack’s arms the night before, and agreed with Jill’s suggestion that she quit Jabot.


9th-13th March, 1981


(Toledo Blade Monday 16th March)


Jonas tells Nikki that she’s going to have nothing but a bad reputation by taking a job as a stripper.  Paul’s mother suggests he leave April, Greg, and Heather alone.  Greg is upset by Paul’s visits.  Victor takes Doug into the bomb shelter, walks out and closes the door.  It is eventually opened, but Doug is very frightened by the experience and realizes that the shelter is soundproof.  Victor informs Doug that he’s no longer involved in any business dealings with Michael Stone.


16th – 20th March, 1981


(Toledo Blade Monday 23rd March)


After bringing Julia home from the hospital and showing her the nursery, Victor tells her he’ll be with her at all times.  Because of Nikki, Greg gets beaten up at the club.  As a salesman for FIRM (Figure Improvement Reduction Machine), Paul walks out as the first customer makes a play for him.  Lorie fears Lance will find out he is the father of Brooks.


23rd – 27th March, 1981


(Toledo Blade Monday 30th March)


To please her father, Peggy tries to go through with the wedding but can’t and walks out.  While Lorie goes to talk to Peggy, Leslie takes Brooks back to the apartment, where she falls and lies unconscious until Lance finds her.  After finding an envelope of money that Victor dropped, April makes Paul return the money and Victor gives him a $500 reward.  While Michael is locked up, Victor sends Julia a note pretending he’s Michael and saying he will contact her soon.  Victor is making Michael pay for his affair with Julia.


30th March- 3rd April, 1981


(Toledo Blade Monday 6th April)


During a successful concert in Denver, Leslie remembers that Lance is the father of her baby and wonders why he didn’t tell her.  Fearing something went wrong, Lance goes to Denver.  Vanessa tells Simone to return to Paris and marry Lance before Leslie and Lorie cause trouble.  Cassie’s encouragement to Nikki about her piano causes Nikki mixed feelings as to whether to quit the piano for the applause.  After getting out of the hospital, Greg tells Cash to leave Nikki alone or there will be trouble.


6th – 10th April, 1981


(Toledo Blade Monday 13th April)


Leslie wants to tell Lance hs is Brooks’ father, but changes her mind when she realizes Lucas considers himself the boy’s father.  Prentiss Industries is in financial trouble.  Elizabeth warns Snapper that Chris needs a new home or it may be the end of the marriage, but Snapper refuses to listen.  When Nikki continues to believe that Cash wants what is best for her, Cassie says she doesn’t care about Nikki anymore.


13th – 17th April, 1981


(Toledo Blade Monday 20th April)


Snapper is unhappy when Stuart offers to let Chris and Snapper live in his house while he and Liz move into a condominium.  Paul is guarding Michael while Victor and Julia are in San Francisco.  Michael tries unsuccessfully to get Paul to release him.


20th – 24th April, 1981


(Toledo Blade Monday 27th April)


With only two months to live, Vanessa decides to get things in order; getting Simone and Lance married and spending more time with Brooks.  Snapper vetoes Chris’ plan that they move into Stuart and Liz’s house.  Greg, suffering from headaches, tells Chris he’s enjoying making money.  Chris wishes Snapper were more interested in more financial security.


27th April – 1st May, 1981

(Toledo Blade Monday 4th May)


Lorie agrees to let Brooks see Vanessa but warns Lance that she doesn’t trust Vanessa.  Michael is still trapped in Victor’s bomb shelter and is spotted by Julia.  Paul is thrilled when he nearly pays off the hospital bill.  Feeling Snapper’s being cheated, Chris visits Snapper’s patients who are behind in payments, but is ashamed when she realizes these people are so poor they cannot pay the bills.


4th – 8th May, 1981


(Toledo Blade Monday 11th May)


Julia finds the key that will release Michael, but Victor discovers her plan.  Greg is plagued by uncontrollable headaches.  Snapper, realizing his marriage is falling apart, asks Liz to find an apartment for his wife and child.  Lorie plans to fight Leslie for Brooks.  April is determined to find her twin sister.


11th – 15th May, 1981


(Toledo Blade Monday 18th May)


Finally freed by Julia, Michael wants to kill Victor.  As the two men grapple, Julia gets in the way, falls down, begins to hemorrhage and is rushed to hospital.  Michael plans to tell the police about being kidnapped and held captive by Victor, but Victor warns him Julia and Michael’s adultery will be international news and it would destroy Julia, so Michael tells the police he made a mistake.  Cash admits to Nikki he was a gigolo, but he loved making love to the ladies and they loved it too.

May 1981

(4th. August, 1981- Soap Opera Digest)


Leslie calls the Prentiss home.  She’s anxious to talk with Luke. Lance picks up the phone and, hearing the pain in Leslie’s voice, asks what’s wrong. She replies that Lorie wouldn’t let her see Brooks. She wants to discuss this matter with Lucas.     Lance is shocked by Lorie’s cruelty. How could she do this to Leslie? He immediately heads to the pent-house to have a talk with his ex-wife. It’s a successful visit. Lorie agrees to let Leslie see Brooks — but she won’t leave her alone with the boy.         

Paul is surprised to see April standing on his doorstep. She quickly relates the reason for her visit. “I accidentally overheard my father telling my mother about the money he took from Jonas — and that you were the one who convinced him to return it,” April glows. “That was such a beautiful thing for you to do. I’m grateful.”         Michael stares tenderly at the sleeping Julia. She lost their He’s going to have to give his strength to cope. “It’s all my Julia,” he apologizes “I caused the accident.” Julia admonishes Michael. He must stop blaming himself. “You’re right,” he replies.  "It's not my fault, it’s Victor’s. He’s going to pay!”


STRONG ADVICE            

Eve gives Jill a much-need pep talk. Her roommate has been in a severe depression ever since she lost her job at Jabot Cosmetics.  “You can’t keep doing this to yourself and most especially, to your son,” she lectures. “You haven’t had any contact with the boy in weeks.  I’ve had to mother both him and my own son Charles for some time. Shape up, woman!”


Julia awakens. She is not happy to find Victor in her room. He begs her to let him explain things.  What he did was wrong, but he only did it to save their love.  Julia replies, “Well, you only succeeded in destroying it.  I now feel nothing but hatred for you,” Julia states.  Victor then says there’s something she has to know.  That child she was lovingly carrying- it wasn’t Michael’s.  “It was mine, Julia,” Victor utters painfully.  She had to put her trust in the wrong man.  Victor wants her to give Michael up.  “No, I won’t,” Julia sobs.  “Michael is the only man who truly loves me.”



Casey receives another gift. Snapper immediately calls Inspector Carl Williams.  A few minutes later, the man arrives at the hospital. Casey and Snapper nervously watch as he opens the box. It’s a 45rpm record entitled “You’ve made me so very happy.” A note is also enclosed. It reads: “You no longer do.” It’s signed with a frowning face. Casey now hopes this means the guy will stop harassing her. Carl responds that doesn’t seem likely. In fact, he’ll probably intensify the harrassments.  Casey then tells him about her last two gifts — a red shortie negligee, and a female doll— its clothes ripped to shreds.


Victor arrives home. He hears Michael’s voice calling out to him.  He follows it into the bomb shelter. He enters the room — but no Michael. All he finds is a tape recorder. He then hears the door to the shelter slam shut. Michael’s face appears on the TV monitor. “Hello, Victor,” he says. “How do you like your new home? You’re going to be here for a long time.” Victor doesn’t show any fear to Michael. He doesn’t believe he’ll lock him away in here for eternity~ Michael doesn’t have the guts.




Quite angered, Cash tells Nikki he wishes her sister would stay out of his life. “Nobody puts the screws to Jerry Cashman!” he states heatedly.


Eve decides to give Jill a push in the right direction. There’s no reason she has to start working at a job she’ll hate. Jill has no desire to work at a beauty parlor. It shows on her face. Eve suggests she talk with Victor Newman. He might have a job for her. It’s worth a shot. At first hesitant, Jill finally agrees.


The court-appointed psychologist talks with Brooks. He’s there to determine the boy’s true feelings. His findings, he’ll put in a report, and give it to the judge. Lorie is quite anxious about his report. It will definitely be a deciding factor regarding custody.

                The psychologist asks Brooks to tell him about some of the people who come to visit him. Brooks mentions his father and his aunt Leslie.

“She plays the piano. She wants to give me lessons but my mommy won’t let me,” Brooks says. The psychologist finds this news very interesting. Is Lorie trying deliberately stop a relationship between Brooks and his natural mother?

                It’s a holiday, and Chris wants desperately to spend it with her father

and Liz. As usual, Snapper is not too enthused about the idea. In fact, Stuart Brooks has already called to invite them, but Snapper has made excuses. However, Chris is finally able to persuade him and vows to be as agreeable as ever.

                Aware of the potentially volatile situation between her son and her husband. Liz cautions Stuart to steer clear of sensitive subjects like real estate when the kids arrive.

                Julia, alone in the hospital, is feeling rather blue until she is visited by

Michael, who has a surprise —. he’s going to bring her a holiday picnic!

There’s just one thing that’s bothering Julia. She hasn’t seen or heard from Victor in days and she’s frightened. What if he’s up to some new scheme to hurt Michael?

Michael, knowingly, tells her not to worry. But Julia is inconsolable.

“Anyone who could lock someone in a room like that has got to be capable of anything!” Michael has a strange look in his eves. What would Julia think of him if she knew?

                The William’s family’s initial delight at meeting Patty’s new beau, Jeff, is short-lived when they learn he’s a bit of a “flower child”.  When asked if he’s going to college or getting a job, Jeff replies neither.  After he’s spent some time getting in touch with himself at the Natural Healing Institute, he’s going to India "because it's part of my karma".  


Meanwhile, at the Brookses, a perfectly harmless conversation about modern kitchen appliances turns into a heated debate with Stuart trying to convince Snapper that Chris needs more space- a house with a garden would be nice.  When Snapper says he must hold to his principles on that subject, Stuart dismisses it: “Principles are on thing, but stubbornness is something else!” Snapper is rescued by a phone call summoning him back to the hospital.

Having returned to the Newman house, Michael turns on the video equipment and tells Victor that he has just seen Julia.  Victor warns Michael that Jill Foster, who came looking for him the other day, will be back.  What excuse will he give her this time?  Michael tells Victor he’ll keep him locked up until he realizes what a rotten human being he is and shows some remorse for it.  Victor says that will never happen.  Moreover, he’s certain that Michael “doesn’t have the stomach” to keep him imprisoned indefinitely.  Not only that, but “how will Julia feel when she finds out that all her illusions about you are wrong- that you’re no different than I am?”  A troubled look crosses Michael’s face.  Julia would understand, wouldn’t she?

                The next day, Jonas visits Snapper at the hospital with some news-he knows who has been harassing Casey- it’s Cash!  Not only does he have an unsavoury past, but he is also hostile towards Casey because of Nikki.  Snapper, however, doesn’t buy it.  In fact, Inspector Williams is bringing a suspect over right now for Casey to identify.

                At the apartment, Casey accuses Nikki of playing games with her and believing Cash’s version of what happened the day he came to see her.  “That man is tormenting me!”  Casey cries in desperation.  Nikki, however, isn’t buying it for a minute.  She fully believes that Casey tried to come on to Cash.  After all, she saw them kissing, didn’t she?


                The custody hearing has resumed and Lorie’s lawyer insinuates that Lance, who has been called as a witness for Leslie, is somewhat biased.  “Isn’t it  fact your testimony is coloured by the fact that you prefer Leslie over Lorie?”  Lance replies he simply believes Brooks should be with his real mother.

                When Casey arrives at the hospital, she identifies the “suspect” as the man who confronted her a while back at the hospital.  She learns that he is the son of Mrs McDowell, a patient of hers who recently passed away.  “Is that why you were so angry with me?  Because of your mother’s death?”  she asks.  The man says yes, but he’s been seeing a doctor and has come to terms with his problems and begs Casey’s forgiveness.  However, he assures her he is not the man making the phone calls.  She believes him, as does Inspector Williams.  Now, more than ever, Casey is positive the caller is Cash.  But how can she prove it?


Leslie’s lawyer questions Lance as to her mental state.  Lance says that he observes her to be in complete control.  He also brings out the fact that Brooks has never been told the truth about his real mother.  He thinks Les is his aunt.  This seems to surprise the judge.  Lorie hides her head in her hands- what now?

                Casey is so determined to nail Cash, that she invites him over to her apartment for a confrontation.  All the gifts are displayed in the living room as Cash enters.  Casey immediately accused him of harassing her.  He, in turn, says she’s just got an unnatural hang-up about men.  Becoming nearly hysterical, she badgers him: “Say it…admit you sent them! Say it!”  Cash, thinking she’s flipped out, begins to taunt her, moving closer and closer to her as he does.  Impulsively, she reaches for  lamp and knocks him out.  At that moment, the phone rings- it’s him!  Panic- stricken, Casey clutches the receiver to her chest as she stares at Cash’s limp body.  “My God, what habe I done?” she cries.

                Taking the stand, Leslie tells the judge that she didn’t “abandon” Brooks, she was sick.  She didn’t know who she was.  But all that is changed now.

18th – 22nd May, 1981

(Monday 25th May – Toledo Blade)


Julia loses the baby but learns from her physician that the child had to be Victor’s, not Michael’s.  Victor is trapped in the house by Michael.  Cash warns Jonas that Casey better stay out of his life or she’ll be sorry.  Carl suggests that Casey go through case histories of all former patients to see if they could be the one sending strange gifts and making threatening phone calls.


25th – 29th May, 1981


1st – 5th June, 1981


8th – 12th June, 1981


15th – 19th June, 1981

(Monday 22nd June – Toledo Blade)


Liz is upset when Jill plans to quit the beauty shop to take the job with Jack Abbott.  Victor gives Julia her freedom and she heads for Canada with Michael. 

Victor insists that Julia take money from him.  She says no but he says he intends to mail her regular cheques.  Nikki turns to Cashman when she gets threatening phone calls.  On Snapper’s advice, Casey leaves town to get away from the tension of the phone calls and the strange gifts that keep coming in the mail.


22nd – 26th June, 1981

(Monday 29th June – Toledo Blade)


Greg, nearly paralysed by sever headaches, pays a visit to Snapper but does not heed his advice that he needs extensive tests in the hospital.  Greg instead opts to go to a money-making meeting.  April is shocked when she overhears Greg tell her parents he’ll do anything to stop her from finding her twin sister.  Vanessa decides to use Ethel, Brooks’ governess, to make trouble for Lorie, but without Ethel knowing it.


29th June – 3rd July, 1981

(Monday 6th July – Toledo Blade)


Edward is keeping very close tabs on Nikki and often sits alone in his room staring at pictures of his mother, promising that he won’t do anything bad.  Patti is interested in Jack Abbott.  His headaches continuing, Greg cons the doctor into giving him more pain medication.  Paul befriends a young waiter the café who’s interested in both Patti and a singing career.  Lorie is very disturbed when Brooks says he prefers to spend the day alone with Aunt Leslie rather than stay home with both of them.


6th – 10th July, 1981

(Monday 13th July – Toledo Blade)


Kay considers plastic surgery to make her young again and has Cash as her gigolo escort.  Carl thinks Cash may have been involved in Jonas’ shooting.  Jonas remains in critical condition while a crazed Edward keeps looking at his mother’s picture, crying, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry”.  April was touched when Paul agrees to help her find her sister.


13th – 17th July, 1981

(Monday 20th July – Toledo Blade)


Kay offers to show Liz how to be a lady so she won’t feel out of place on Leslie’s London tour.  To complete Liz’s ensemble, Kay takes her to see the famous fashion designer Mr. Blackwell.  Patty is stunned when Paul shows up just as she’s about to spend a cozy evening with Jack.  Learning Cash has started a gigolo service, Nikki quits as Bayou stripper.

20th – 24th July, 1981

(Monday 27th July – Toledo Blade)


April is thrilled that Paul is helping her search for her sister.  When Greg passes out due to a headache, he decides to see a neurologist.


27th – 31st July, 1981

(Monday 3rd August – Toledo Blade)


Chris uses the money Stuart gave her to refurbish the apartment, but lets Snapper think she did it on their small budget.  Vanessa tells Lucas that Lance and Lorie are together in Europe – that Lorie is not in New York as she claimed.


3rd – 7th August, 1981

(Monday 10th August – Toledo Blade)


Lorie warns Leslie to stay away from Lucas.  Kay is almost thrown out of the grand ballroom but is thrilled when Cash appears in London.  Edward puts a bomb in a beautifully wrapped package and prepares to explode himself and Nikki, but changes his mind at the last minute, rushes her from the apartment and defuses the bomb.


10th – 14th August, 1981

(Monday 17th August – Toledo Blade)


When Snapper’s expensive furniture purchase is considered evidence that he may have bilked the hospital fund for the clinic, Chris decides that she must tell the truth and reveals to Snapper’s superior that she furnished her apartment with money borrowed from her father.  Stuart is experiencing continuous chest pains.  Edward is revolted when he spies Nikki doing a sensuous dance by herself.  Simone plans a weekend in the country to include Leslie, Lorie, Lance, herself and a few of her beautiful people friends.

17th – 21st August, 1981

(Monday 24th August – Toledo Blade)


Leslie is all excited about spending some time with Brooks and Lance, but her plans are kyboshed when Lorie arrives back in Genoa City.  Peggy is interested in Greg, but he still has an eye on April.  Jill realizes she has no chance with Jack Abbott.  Danny writes a love song for Patty.  When his brakes fail and he’s injured, Cash decides that he was set up for the accident.


24th – 28th August, 1981

(Monday 31st August – Toledo Blade)


Kay considers Cash’s suggestion that he become her paid lover.  April is getting closer to finding her twin sister while Paul tries to get a clerk at the bureau of records to turn over her birth certificate.  Chris is in a deep depression causing Snapper much concern.  Peggy is growing fonder of Greg, while April realizes her chances with Greg are null.


31st August – 4th September, 1981

(Monday 7th September – Toledo Blade)


Lance and Lorie’s divorce is final.  Jealous of Andy and Nikki’s relationship, Edward poisons him.  Andy is rushed to the hospital in critical condition.  Looking in Andy’s wallet in order to find the name of his nearest relative, Nikki is shocked to learn he is married.  Jody continues to search for her twin sister.  Chris tells Snapper she’s trying to snap out of her depression and will keep busy in order to do so.


7th – 11th September, 1981

(Monday 14th September – Toledo Blade)


Greg’s feelings for Chris gorw although he tries to fight them since she is his brother’s wife.  Greg is feeling very friendly towards Snapper.  Carl and Mary are crushed when Carl’s scheme to make Patty hate Jack blows up in their face.  Jack is unable to come on mean during a date with Patty.


14th – 18th September, 1981


21st – 25th September, 1981

(Monday 28th September – Toledo Blade)


Nikki discovers Edward’s mother is cremation ashes in an urn.  Devastated by his discovery, Edward decides they both must die and sets up an explosive.  Carl, Paul and Cash arrive on the scene, causing Edward to run out of the house, where he purposely blows himself up.  Danny is gratefull to Patty since his recording session went fine after her arrival.


28th September – 2nd October, 1981

(Monday 5th October – Toledo Blade)


Vanessa’s doctor tells her she has very little time to live, and Vanessa decides that before she dies, she must make it appear as though she and Lorie have patched up all their differences.  Lorie tells Victor Newman that she wants to change her proxy vote back to Lance.


5th – 9th October, 1981

(Monday 12th October – Toledo Blade)


Snapper’s illegitimate son Chucky comes to Genoa City and is found to have kidney disease which may be treated with medication but could be serious.  Medics decide Chuckie should stay in Genoa City for the time being and Liz offers to let Chuckie and his mother stay in Jill’s home.

12th – 16th October, 1981

(Monday 19th October – Toledo Blade)


April and Paul go to Chicago to find her twin sister.  They find John Harding, her father, who says he has no idea where his ex-wife and daughter are, but Paul finds their address in New York.  Vanessa burns her medical records and plans to kill Lorie by pushing her off the penthouse balcony.  Lorie and Leslie make peace, and Lorie admits her true feelings for Lance to Lucas.  He tells Lance to marry Lorie.


19th – 23rd October, 1981

(Monday 26th October – Toledo Blade)


Chris and Snapper’s son Chuckie meet for the first time.  Jonas and Sally also meet.  “Settle out of court” is Jack’s advice to Jill.  Cash may get the axe from Victor, while Nikki signs Victor’s new contract.


26th – 30th October, 1981

(Monday 2nd November – Toledo Blade)


April’s twin, Barbara, is involved in a drug operation.  She leaves hospital to be with her father, John Harding.  An antagonistic Barbara is told by John that she was adopted and that he paid $3,500 for her.  April and Paul return to Genoa City and reaffirm their love for each other.  Dorothy calls Greg and lyingly says that April missed him when she was away.

Montreal Gazette


November 1981

(Soap Opera Digest – 19th January, 1982)


When Jack finds out that the story about Jill suing him will hit the papers tonight, he calls Mr. Williams and says he’d like to talk to him man-to-man.  When Jack admits he’s being sued for sexual harassment by Jill, Mr. Williams says he can’t believe what Jack’s saying.  “People of your kind make me sick!”  Jack insists that Jill doesn’t have a case against him and time will vindicate him.  The whole suit is a lie, Jack explains, because Jill was fired for interfering in his personal life and she’s bitter towards him for falling in love with Patty.

2nd to 6th November, 1981


(Montreal Gazette Mon 9th)


After endless months, Paul and April consummated their marriage.  John discovered Barbara’s carrying big bucks.   Jill and Andy got cozier.  Victor realized his true identity to Nikki.  Cash and Nikki sensed Victor is after Nikki’s bod.  Jonas, who discovered Karen’s penchant for “entertaining” men, convinced her to get therapy.  Greg bit into Jill for settling with Jack out of court.  Dorothy groaned at Paul and April’s decision to stay hitched.  Lucas believed Vanessa’s friendship overtures to Lorie, who distrusted Vanessa.  Vanessa concealed her illness symptoms.  Chris and Snapper returned from their lovey-dovey vacation.


(Toledo Blade Monday 9th November)


Jill settles for $10,000 from Jack in the sexual harassment case.  Sally promises Stuart she’ll leave town as soon as possible.  Greg befriends Sally.  Lucas believes Vanessa’s take that she trying to befriend and unreachable Lorie.  Looking for a bottle, Barbara’s father stumbles upon her huge cache of money and jewels, and Barbara admits many of the jewels belonged to her dead mother.


9th - 13th November, 1981


(Montreal Gazette Monday 16th November) (same as Tune in Tomorrow Sarasota Herald- Tribune Monday 16th November)


Vanessa plunged to her death off a balcony after staging a brouhaha with Lorie.  Lorie was arrested for killing Vanessa.  Barbara wrote off John and headed for Genoa City.  Anxious to play it straight with Andy, Jill introduced him to Phillip.  Kay was confident that Cash’s gambling habit would keep him needy of her services.  Victor instructed Nikki on the “finer things.”  Chris became more understanding towards Sally.  Chuckie was kept in Genoa City longer for kidney treatments.  Leslie nixed being Lorie’s maid of honour.


(Toledo Blade Monday 16th November)


Sally and Chris meet and come to an understanding.  Chuckie’s having problems with kidney medication and will have to stay in Genoa City.  Andy decides to stay in town and try and help Karen.  Cash tries to make Nikki think Victor is only after one thing, but she is resolue in her feeling that Victor is a good man.  Vanessa shows up at Laurie’s.  While having a calm conversation with Laurie, she suddenly starts screaming at Laurie to stop coming at her, that she’s going to fall from the window if Laurie doesn’t stop.  As Laurie looks on incredulously, Vanessa jumps to her death.


(St. Petersburg Times Wednesday 18th November, 1981- Linda Hursch- all of the above plus: ) A neighbour who overheard the fighting informs the police and Lorie is booked on suspicion of murder.  Lucas believs that Lorie killed Vanessa.  Dorothy is unhappy to learn that April and Paul have finally consummated their marriage.


(Madison Courier 14th Nov)


Cash is suspicious of Nikki’s new star status at The Bayou.  April and Paul abandon their search for her twin but fall in love all over again.  Sally wins another round against Chris.  Andy is disturbed by the reappearance of Karen.


16th - 20th November, 1981


(Montreal Gazette Mon 23rd Nov) (same as Tune in Tomorrow Sarasota Herald-Tribune Monday 23rd Nov)


Karen lied to Jill saying that Andy sleeps around.  Barbara, under the name Bobbie Smith, rented April’s old room from Dorothy and Wayne.  Lucas discovered Vanessa’s ledger, which falsely indicated bribes from Lorie, and handed it to the prosecutor.  Lucas believed Lorie killed Vanessa.  Stuart bailed Lorie out of the slammer.  Lorie allowed Leslie to care for Brooks.  Douglas predicted doom for Victor and Nikki’s growing relationship.  Victor made Nikki practice piano.  Snapper, who ordered a biopsy on Chuckie, kept mum to Chris that Sally will be in town indefinitely.  Dorothy and Wayne opposed Paul and April’s marriage.


(Madison Courier  Sat 21st Nov)


Snapper’s moments of peace with Chris are short-lived when Sally disturbs their vacation.  Victor’s suggestions to Nikki go beyond the area of interior design.  Andy feels trapped by Karen.


(Toledo Blade 23rd Nov)


Laurie is being booked for Vanessa’s murder and Greg agrees to defend her.  Nikki agrees to Victor’s plan to turn herself over to him for several months so he can “remake” her.  Douglas Austin warns Nikki not to fall in love with Victor, nor to let Victor fall in love with her.


#2207 - Thursday 19th November, 1981 (Tape date: Monday 2nd November)


Cast: Lance, Lucas, Stuart, Lorie, Chris, April, Paul, Barbara, Jonas, Dorothy, Wayne, Leslie, Maestro, Reverend Shore, Vanessa (deceased), Edith.


Sets: Funeral home chapel, Lorie’s apartment, Limbo area (Lorie’s bathroom), April’s apartment, Jonas’s club, Stevens living room.


Flashbacks to #2193, Act 3- Lucas and Vanessa/ #2200 Act 7- Lorie and Vanessa


Open in funeral home chapel, picking it up immediately after the moment in the preceding episode.  Recorded organ music plays very softly in background, as Lucas, overwhelmingly grief stricken, stands soberly beside the closed casket that contains Vanessa’s body.  While he knows logically in his mind that she’s dead, the total finality of her death hits him with force at this moment.  His eyes well with tears, his shoulders quiver with the deep sobs that come from within.  Lance, who has stepped a few paces away to allow Lucas his private moments with Vanessa, watches him a moment, his own underlying grief evident, but more under control.  Then Lance steps back to Lucas, puts a firm, comforting hand on Lucas’ arm.  Lucas is so involved in his own private thoughts he is hardly aware of his brother’s presence until:

Lance: (Quietly, deftly, exceedingly sympathetic and sensitive to Lucas’ grief ;) Do you want the casket opened, Luke? For a last look at mother.


Lucas: (Turns, we see the numb expression on his face) Did you see her already? (Lance nods) How…how does she look?

The subtext here is the horror and damage the body must have sustained in the fall.

Lance: (Gently) The form lying there is just a house where Vanessa lived, Lucas… and now she’s gone… the house is empty.

Lucas: (It’s difficult to accept this, it’s almost as if he’s trying to torture himself) But how does she look…?


Lorie thanks her father and sister Chris for their support.


Paul visits April at her apartment and says he feels bad about the last time he was there.  He had told April that they might never find her twin sister.  He is definite now though that he never said he was giving up hope, and neither should April.  Paul offers to take her out on a date.  She’s concerned that there’s nobody to look after baby Heather, but Paul says he’s way ahead of her.  He says his mother is happy to look after Heather and is happy to watch her all night if they want.  He tells her they’ll go to Jonas’ where there are the best looking waiters in town.  “And the most conceited”, April jokes.


Barbara is at the bar at Jonas’ staring at her drink.  Jonas asks her if there’s anything wrong with her drink and she says no.  Jonas says “don’t remember seeing you here before”.  Barbara replies, “That’s because you haven’t.  Now why don’t you buzz off, Mister”.  Paul and April enter the bar, Paul’s arm gently around April.  Jonas eventually tells Barbara it seems like she’s running from something.  She says she’s not running, but came here looking for someone, but now she’s here, she’s not sure if she wants to look them up or not.


The Stevens’ Living Room- Wayne is against Dorothy’s suggestion that they rent a room in their house.


Edith tells Lance that she can’t believe his mother is gone.  Lance tells her it’s good of her to come- his mother was always so grateful for the way she took care of Brooks.  Reverend Shore asks Lance if there’s anything special he wants him to stress in the service and Lance says he wants it as brief and as simple as possible – it’ll be easier for everyone that way.  Leslie and the Maestro enter.  Maestro says he flew in from Chicago an hour ago – he said he wouldn’t miss this chance to say good-bye to his dear friend Vanessa.


Chris tries to talk Lorie out of going to Vanessa’s funeral, but Lorie claims she has to be there.


Lucas lurches to his feet when he sees Lorie, quickly moves to the casket, reached down and, before the horrified, stunned onlookers, throws open casket lid and we see Vanessa lying there.  Insane with anger, he hurled his accusing words down the aisle at the shattered Lorie.  “How dare you come here and desecrate these last moments…How dare you come here and gloat over her?!!” (Now opening the casket) “You did this to her!! Well, look at her – look at her, damn you!! You did this! You did this to my mother!!”

As Lucas finishes his angry tirade, his fury collapses into shattered grief and he closes the casket lid on Vanessa, collapsing to his knees, arms draped across the casket as he sobs uncontrollably.  Lorie, shattered, numbly turns and exits the chapel.  Lance’s eyes follow her departure.  We see the sobbing Lucas, literally hanging on his mother’s casket…body heaving as the tormented tears rise from his very soul.


(19th November 1981 youtube)


A funeral is disrupted when Lucas confronts Lorie.


Lucas: “How DARE you come here and gloat over her!”  “You did this Lorie! You did this! You come here and look! You did this to my mother!”

(Soap Opera Digest 2nd February, 1982)


    When the officers ask Lorie to accompany them to the station, she refuses to leave her apartment, and says she wants to be alone.  “I had nothing to do with what happened to Vanessa.  This is ridiculous!” she protests.  Because Lorie won’t co-operate, one of the officers handcuffs her and takes her away.

    At the station, Carl begins questioning Lorie.  He asks her if it’s true she didn’t get along with her former mother-in-law.  Lorie admits they’d hated each other for years, but they had a warm, wonderful conversation before she jumped off the balcony.  When Carl inquires if Lorie has any idea why Vanessa jumped, Lorie says no – suicide wasn’t Vanessa’s style.  Carl then asks Lorie about the scratches on her arm – can she remember how she got them? Lorie says she thinks she reached out to grab Vanessa at the last moment as she fell.  When Lorie announces that she wants to leave now, Carl tells her she can’t – she’s under arrest for suspicion of murder!  Although Lorie puts up a terrible fuss, she is fingerprinted and mug shots of her are taken!

    When Lorie tries to resist spending the night in jail, a warden forcefully throws her into a cell.  As the warden walks away, Lorie sobs, “Don’t do this to me! Dammit, I’m innocent! How could you think I killed her? …”


Comforting Words…


    Later, when Lance comes by to see Lorie, she falls into his arms, weeping uncontrollably.  After assuring Lorie they’ll get her out of jail, Lance asks if Vanessa fell.  With tears in her eyes, Lorie says Vanessa jumped.  Lance urges Lorie not to think about Vanessa’s death tonight and instead use her strength to concentrate on their love.  “I want you to use our love to make it through the night,” he says tenderly.  Lorie says she’ll try, but then sobs, “I love you, baby.  Don’t leave me in here”.


Barbara informs her “father” that she’s leaving for Genoa City to find her real parents.  It’s something she must do, as they are her roots.  Because Barbara can’t bear the thought of Mr. Harting destroying himself with liquor after she’s left, she has arranged for him to go for treatment at a nearby hospital that has a program for alcholics.  When Mr. Harting begs her to stay and be a daughter to him, Barbara says she’ll come back after she finds her real parents – but only if he gets the help he needs.  Touched that Barbara really does care about him, Mr. Harting hands her a slip of paper with Dorothy and Wayne Stevens’ name on it.  After thanking Barbara for putting him on the right track again, Mr. Harting hugs her tightly.


Lance is shocked when Lucas tells him he thinks Lorie pushed Vanessa off the balcony.  Although Lance refuses to believe it, Lucas says there are witnesses.  Lance insists there’s no way Lorie could have done such a thing.  Lucas must believe the truth: their mother committed suicide! Lucas argues that Vanessa is not the kind of person who could have killed herself – she was a fighter.  Even though Vanessa had problems, she was putting her life in order and trying to make peace with Lorie.  Does that sound like a woman who was planning to kill herself?  Lucas asks.  Lucas also points out that Vanessa noted in her appointment book that she wanted to have dinner with Lance later in the week…


After seeing Andy and Jill together at Jonas’, Karen follows Jill home! She tells Jill that she and Andy have talked about her, then admits she’s Andy’s wife! Karen makes up a story about Andy having a serious problem with women.  He involves himself with a lot of women and they never suspect he’s married, because he can be so charming.  Karen adds that she’s had to deal with Andy’s insatiable need for women for years, and he’s even been to doctors about it.  “If you really care about Andy, the best thing you can do is to stay away from him.” Jill says she can’t ignore Andy – her feelings for him are too strong.  “Help me,” Karen pleads.  “Help Andy.  Maybe then he’ll be able to help himself.”

Meanwhile, Jonas tells Andy that when he went over to Karen’s place the other day, she was with a man.  He reveals that Karen told him she has no intention of getting therapy because she feels she doesn’t need it.  “Karen will stop at nothing to hold on to you.  You’re more important to her than her own life.  Desperate people do desperate things,” Jonas warns.


Although Snapper was hoping for good news about Chuckie, Dr. Young tells him that the boy has to be admitted to the hospital immediately and a biopsy must be taken.  There’s evidence of decreased kidney function in Chuckie!


After Lucas finds a ledger in Vanessa’s desk drawer, he hands it over to the man who’s investigating Vanessa’s death.  The ledger shows that Lorie was demanding large payments to let Vanessa see Brooks! Lucas tells the investigator that he thinks Vanessa and Lorie were arguing over the money the day Lorie pushed his mother over the balcony.  The investigator agrees that the ledger could sew up the case and send Lorie to prison!  “I’m convinced beyond any doubt that Lorie killed my mother.  And I’ll do anything to see that she pays for what she did!” Lucas angrily vows.

    After being released on bail, Lorie is met by hordes of reporters firing questions at her.  She returns to her apartment building and the reporters crowd around her again.  When one reporter asks if Lorie thinks the charges against her will help the sales of her novel, Lorie becomes enraged and calls all reporters “vultures”.

    Nikki asks Douglas what Victor really wants with her.  Douglas tells her that Victor’s trying to play God – he’s trying to mold her into the perfect woman every man will fall in love with.  Believing she has nothing to lose and only something to gain, Nikki confides that she’s willing to turn over her life to Victor for a while.  Douglas warns Nikki that she may never get her life back again, though.  He also warns her never to fall in love with Victor or let him fall in love with her … that would be disastrous!

    Although Chris begs Lorie not to put herself through it, Lorie insists on attending Vanessa’s funeral services.  She wants to be there for Lance.


Lucas Explodes!


    When Lucas spots Lorie in the chapel, he shouts, “How dare you come here and gloat over Vanessa’s death!” He then flings open the coffin and screams, “Look at her! You did this to my mother!” Grief-stricken, Lucas throws himself over the coffin and sobs uncontrollably.

    After the funeral, Lorie tells Leslie she’s taking Brooks home – it’s where he belongs.  “Home to where – a barrage of reporters and cameras?” Leslie shouts, exasperated with Lorie’s attitude.  Lorie insists that Brooks will be more secure with her.  Aware that Lorie feels threatened by her, Leslie begs her sister to trust her – she’s only trying to do what’s best for Brooks.  Leslie warns that Brooks will find out about Vanessa’s death if he goes home with Lorie.  After Leslie assures Lorie she’s on her side, Lorie agrees to let the boy stay with Leslie until the ordeal of Vanessa’s death is cleared up.


    Wayne pleads with Paul not to let April find her twin – it could only mean trouble.  Paul refuses to go along with that and says he doesn’t want to argue with Wayne about it any more.  Wayne then demands to know what Paul’s planning to do with April – is he going to keep taking advantage of her?  Paul retorts that he’d never do that – he cares a lot about April.  Although Wayne begs Paul to give April a chance to have a relationship with Greg, Paul says she hasn’t seen Greg in weeks.  Growing angrier with Paul, Wayne warns him that he’ll be watching Paul and he’d better think about that before he lays another hand on April!


Barbara Meets Her Real Mother!


    Soon after Dorothy places a sign in the window saying there’s a room for rent, Barbara arrives at the house and is reunited with her mother.  Calling herself “Bobbi Smith”, Barbara asks a lot of questions about Dorothy and Wayne.  She is disappointed when she learns her father is an out-of-work factory employee and her mother a part-time worker in a textile mill.  “I came all the way from New York for this?” she says to herself.  “These are the people who gave me away?” Because she desperately needs a place to stay, Barbara decides to rent a room from the Stevens – despite the shabbiness of their home.


    Lance reassures Lorie that she has nothing to feel sorry about – she didn’t do anything, it’s all being done to her.  After bringing up their engagement, Lance says he’s only been able to get through these last painful days because he knows he’s going to marry Lorie.  Lorie says she wants to postpone their marriage until after Vanessa’s death is settled.  “I want our wedding day to be a real celebration.”


    Since Snapper is out with Chuckie and can’t have dinner with Chris, she invites Greg over for the evening.  Although at first Chris is reluctant to tell Greg what’s bothering her, she ends up pouring her heart out to him.  Among other things, Chris consides that she fears Snapper is reminded of his long-ago love for Sally whenever he sees Chuckie.  And since Snapper grew up without a father, Chris feels he won’t want Chuckie to know that same loneliness.  Greg points out to Chris that Snapper is in love with her, not Sally, and nothing will ever change that.  Taking Chris in his arms, Greg assures her that she’s a lovely, compassionate woman and he impulsively kisses her! Immediately embarrassed over the kiss, Greg says he’s sorry and runs out.  Chris calls after him…


Greg Makes Amends


    Greg returns to Chris’ apartment and apologises for running out and making a fool of himself by kissing her.  Chris assures him he doesn’t have to apologise – all is forgiven.


    Although Dorothy tries to persuade Wayne that Barbara’s a nice girl who won’t cause them any problems, he says even is she were Shirley Temple, he still doesn’t like the idea of taking in a boarder!  When Barbara overhears Wayne ranting and raving that she might be a “weirdo” who’ll steal things from the house, she walks in and makes it clear she’s not like that.


    Because further proof is needed that Lorie was extorting money from Vanessa, Carl obtains a warrant to search Lorie’s apartment and finds Brooks’ passbook in her desk drawer!


    When Wayne insists you can’t be too careful about who you let into your house nowadays, Barbar retorts that if he and Dorothy want her to leave, she will! There’s nothing to keep her in Genoa City anyway.  Because she needs to rent the room, Dorothy pleads with Barbara to stay, pointing out that she owes it to herself to live there at least a week since she’s already paid her rent.  Barbara replies that she won’t make any promises – she’ll take it one day at a time.


After Lorie learns that her apartment was searched, she phones Stu and asks him to hire a lawyer for her immediately.


    Snapper admits to Chris that he feels he owes Chuckie a lot – he can’t just walk away from the boy now.  When Chris asks where it will all end, Snapper says there’s every reason to believe Chuckie will get well and go home to Michigan.  But what it Chuckie’s biopsy is positive? *

23rd - 27th November, 1981


(Madison Courier 28th Nov)


Vanessa wins over Lucas but Lorie remains skeptical.  Jonas offers Karen help in beating her problem.  Greg is disappointed that Jill withdrew her case against Jack.


#2210 – Tuesday 24th November, 1981 (Tape date: Thursday 5th November, 1981)


Cast: Stuart, Lorie, Lucas, Mr. Gordon, Greg, Chris, Snapper, Sally, Chuckie, Lance, Edith, Carl, Wayne, Dorothy, Barbara.


Sets: Lorie’s apartment, Mr. Gordon’s office, Chris and Snapper’s apartment, Table in hospital coffee shop, Lance’s office, Stevens living room, Limbo area Barbara room, Chuckie’s hospital room, Limbo phone Brooks living room.


Two Way Calls: From Lance, his office to Edith, Lorie’s apartment; From Lorie, her apartment, to Stuart, limbo phone, Brooks living room.


Lorie is alone in her apartment trying to concentrate but thoughts of Vanessa’s death and the situation she finds herself in keep intruding.  She tears the paper out of the typewriter, crumples and discards it.  Stuart gets out of the life.  He asks Lorie how she is.  She complains that she can’t concentrate as she cooped up like some animal.  She can’t see Brooks or Lance.  Stuart asks if Lance has been over to see her and she says she hasn’t seen him since the funeral.  As soon as she steps out the door, the media would swarm all over her.  “You can’t believe the questions they ask, the things people say to me,” she says.  “I hate it! I just hate! If you knew the utter indignity I feel…”


Greg goes back to the apartment and apologises to Chris for running out like that (he had kissed her on an impulse).  Chris says she understands.  She says she shouldn’t have let her feelings spill out like that and she need to face up to them.  She says she can’t let Snapper take the blame as he’s only trying to do the right thing.  She thinks she’ll make Chuckie some cookies and have Snapper take them to the hospital.


30th November - 4th December, 1981


(Madison Courier 5th Dec)


Lorie is hopelessly caught in Vanessa’s death trap.  Stuart does his best to prove Lorie is innocent.  April’s twin plans to make problems for her sister.


(Toledo Blade 7th Dec)


Andy tells Karen he wants a divorce.  Wayne sees the picture that April has of Barbara (her twin sister) and realizes it is Bobbi, the girl living in his house.  When he returns home he discovers she has moved and is now living at Jonas’.  Dorothy and Wayne vow not to tell either girl about their discovery.  Biopsy shows Chuckie’s kidney problem is serious, but Snapper prepares to put him on a new medicine, hoping he will not have adverse a reaction.  Jack spots Chris and wants to sign her as a model for the cosmetics firm.


7th - 11th December, 1981

(Madison Courier Sat 12th Dec)


Chris begins to suspect that Sally may never leave town and confronts Snapper with the suspicion.  Lorie protests she is innocent but Lucas sees things differently.  Douglas warns Nikki to be careful around Victor.



14th - 18th December, 1981

(Toledo Blade Mon 21st Dec)


When Jack tells Patti that he’s going to spend Christmas with college buddies, she decides to get Christmas money from her parents and join Jack in Aspen without telling him first.  Nikki’s Christmas decorations at Victor’s almost backfire when she learns from Douglas that Victor has a Scrooge-like attitude towards the holidays.  But Victor relents and says that she can keep the decorations up, but no Christmas carols or tree.  Liz is angry with Sally, who reveals she loves Snapper.


21st – 25th December, 1981

(Monday 28th December – Toledo Blade)


Patty is upset when the diamond ring she thought Jack was going to give her turns out to be an amethyst friendship ring.  Jack says he loves her and wants to spend as much time with her as she does with him.  Greg buys Chris a very special Christmas gift.


#2230 Wednesday 23rd December, 1981

#2231 Thursday 24th December, 1981

#2232 Friday 25th December, 1981

#2233 Monday 28th December, 1981

#2234 Tuesday 29th December, 1981


#2235 Wednesday 30th December, 1981


Victor and Nikki’s New Year’s Eve.


28th December, 1981 - 1st January, 1982

(Toledo Blade Monday 4th January, 1982)


Patti shows up at Aspen, as do Paul and Barbara, looking for Patti.  Jack hides Patti because Paul threatens to kill him if she’s on the premises.  However, Jack is stunned to learn that everybody is snowed in due to a blizxzard.  Lucas picks up a book of Lorie’s and a letter from Vanessa drops out which claims that Lorie was charging Vanessa to visit Brooks.