Young and the Restless



31st December, 1979 – 4th January, 1980

(Saturday 5th January, 1980- Madison Courier- Speaking of Soaps)


Derek and Jill plot to grab hold of Kay’s money.  Les raises the suspicions of her co-workers.  Nikki has to lie to Greg to cover her tracks.  Brock tries to trap Derek.


(Monday 7th January, 1980- Toledo Blade)


Going to Mr. Addison to plead with him to get her off the hook so she can continue to model without making love to him, Nikki is met with taunts when Addison tries to attack her.  Nikki runs into the bathroom.  While pounding on the door, Addison suffers a fatal heart attack.  A frantic Nikki, who is seen by a hotel maid, calls Rose.  Although he hates the business, Lucas feels he must stay on as head of Prentice Industries to prove his is a worthwhile individual.  Lorie, sensing Lance’s unhappiness, begs Vanessa to let him return to the company.


(Monday 7th January, 1980- Tune in Tomorrow- Sarasota Herald- Tribune)


Gloria, Jonas’ former girlfriend, was jealous of Les.  Stu circulated photos of Les, but she wasn’t recognised because of her new blonde hairdo.  Rose forced Nikki to help her dump Addison’s body by a roadside.  Derek gave Jill the cold shoulder because of Kay.  Lance went on a gambling spree in Nassau with Lorie.  Tony Baker found Addison’s body and searched for loot.


#1727 Friday 4th January, 1980


Nikki, Rose and Vince dump the body of a dead client.


7th – 11th January, 1980

(Monday 14th January, 1980- Montreal Gazette)


Derek hired a thief to exchange Brock’s tape for a blank one.  Lorie fretted about Lance’s gambling and remembered that Vanessa won’t help his job status unless Lorie divorces him.  Policeman Carl Williams investigated Addison’s death.  Greg became Tony’s lawyer after Tony was found with the body.


(Monday 14th January – Toledo Blade)


Rose helps Nikki dump Addison’s body.  Vanessa walks in on Lucas and Casey and tells him that Leslie called, saying she is not ready to return home but that she is safe.  Leslie admits to Jonas she is beginning to enjoy life as a blonde.  Kay intends to play the tape of Jill and Derek together in front of Liz, Jill and Derek.  Derek has paid someone to steal the not-so-innocent tape and replace it with one where he and Jill pretend to be breaking off their relationship.  Hearing Derek tell Jill they are through, Kay informs Brock the tape has proven her husband truly loves her.


#1728 Monday 7th January, 1980

#1729 Tuesday 8th January, 1980


14th – 18th January, 1980

(Monday 21st January – Montreal Gazette)


Leslie was pleased that Gloria is jealous of her and Jonas.  Kay turned the wolf away from her door when Suzanne came begging for money.  Doug Austin, the safecracker, wants to blackmail money from Derek.  Nikki had the guilts about Tony’s arrest.  April told Chris she has sold her baby.  Van put the screws to Lorie to leave Lance or watch him go down the tubes.


21st – 25th January, 1980

(Monday 28th January – Toledo Blade)


Interested in Stuart, Vanessa suggests he see more of baby Brooks; in actuality, it’s a way for her to see more of Stuart.  Lucas is beginning to realizes that Vanessa never received a phone call from Leslie but merely made it up to create problems for him and Casey.  Chris learns that her neighbour April has sold her baby.  April pleads with Snapper to help her get her baby back; he goes to a lawyer who arranged the deal and threatens to have him disbarred if the baby isn’t returned.


28th January – 1st February, 1980

(Monday 4th February – Toledo Blade)


Lance is unable to make love to Lorie.  Seeing what is happening to Lance because he is no longer involved with Prentiss Industries, Lorie considers Vanessa’s deal that she will reinstate Lance in the company if Lorie divorces him.


Friday 1st February, 1980


Brenda Dickson’s last episode as Jill Foster.


4th – 8th February, 1980

(Monday 11th February – Toledo Blade)


Stuart asks Liz to be his wife, then shows her the letter his late wife Jennifer wrote just before she died, telling him that one day she hopes he would marry again.  Lance, unable to function in the bedroom, is shocked when Lorie asks for a divorce, but is unaware that she’s only doing it because this is Vanessa’s terms for getting Lance back into the company.  Lucas is unabashedly in love with Casey.


Monday 4th February, 1980


(Aired on Friday 7th October, 1983 in Brisbane, Australia)


Victor Newman made his debut and the show was extended to one hour.


11th – 15th February, 1980


18th – 22nd February, 1980

(Monday 25th February – Toledo Blade)


Despite Jill warning her no one will think she’s good enough for Stuart, Elizabeth intends to marry him.  Vanessa learns that Luke plans to ask Lance to rejoin the business.  Fearing this will stop Lorie from divorcing Lance, Vanessa goes and says Lucas made the offer at Vanessa’s request.  Lance agrees to return to Prentiss Industries, seeing it as a way to win Lorie back.


25th – 29th February, 1980


3rd – 7th March, 1980

(Monday 10th March – Toledo Blade)


At a bar, Paul finds a woozy Nikki and takes her home.  Greg is incensed when he discovers Paul at the apartment, but reluctantly believes his story that nothing went on between the two of them.  The bellman at the hotel where Walter Addison was the night he died sends a letter to Greg and reveals Addison ordered champagne and glasses for two.  Lorie is unable to concentrate on her book but editor Michael is getting her on the right track.  Kay begs Brock not to make her choose between him and Derek.


10th – 14th March, 1980


17th – 21st March, 1980

(Monday 24th March – Toledo Blade)


Now watching over baby Brooks, Lorie wants to start a new life without Lance, and her editor Michael might be the next man in her life.  April wants desperately to tell Paul she did not have an abortion and that he has a year-old daughter.  Paul and Steve’s over-50 mother is expecting and doesn’t know whether she should have the baby.


24th – 28th March, 1980

(Monday 31st March – Toledo Blade)


Suzanne realizes that Katherine went to the police about her suspicions that Suzanne kidnapped Derek.  Jill warns Derek that unless he comes to her now she will destroy his marriage to Katherine.  Liz plans to break her engagement to Stuart.  While visiting Lorie, Vanessa tries to snatch the baby from her arms; the baby falls and is seriously injured.


31st March – 4th April, 1980

(Monday 7th April – Toledo Blade)


Baby Brooks is on the road to recovery.  Liz agrees to let Jill stay when Phillip pleads with her not to make his “mommy” go – a scene manipulated by Jill.  In front of Kay, Derek tells Jill he plans to stay with his wife.  Jonas warns Pris (Leslie) not to fall in love with him – but it may be too late.  Greg spruces Tony up for his trial.


7th – 11th April, 1980

(Monday 14th April – Toledo Blade)


Fearing that Ruth the maid is about to tell Greg that Nikki was the lady in the hotel the night Addison died, Nikki pleads with Paul to give her money.  Paul gives her the money and Nikki prepares to leave town.  Lucas suggests to Lorie that she start life anew, and she thinks Michael Scott might be the man to do that with.  Derek continues to play a balancing act between Stephanie, Austin, Kay and Jill.


14th – 18th April, 1980

(Monday 21st April – Toledo Blade)


Paul’s mother says he must set a good example for his younger sister – that means sleeping at home every night, or he is to move.  Nikki is seriously injured in an auto accident while trying to run away.  Regaining consciousness, Nikki is unable to remember where she was going when the crash occurred.  Rejected by Derek, Jill wants to start her life anew.  Stuart is trying to win back Liz’s affection.


21st – 25th April, 1980

(Monday 28th April – Toledo Blade)


Liz agrees to marry Stuart after Jill admits she and Stuart only slept together once before marriage and because she seduced him.  When Sebastian approaches Lucas for money to finance a project to free foreign prisoners, Lucas not only wants to give his money but to go along on the mission.  Jonas informs Leslie he’s going out of the country to help free prisoners and she is determined to go along on the rough assignment.  Nikki is plagues by nightmares as Tony testifies as his murder trial.


28th April – 2nd May, 1980

(Monday 5th May – Toledo Blade)


When he meets Jonas and Sebastian, Lucas is shocked when he discovers Leslie is also present.  Leslie calls herself “Pris” and has no recollection of Lucas or her former life.  During a raid to free prisoners, Lucas is shot and seriously injured.  In delirium, Lucas calls out for Leslie and his brother Lance.  The jury finds Tony guilty of Walter Addison’s murder.  Chris gives birth to a baby girl.  Stuart and Elizabeth wed.  Nikki feels she must tell Greg the truth in order to keep Tony from jail.  April pays a visit to Paul; when he is not there, she meets his family for the first time and wishes very much that they could meet her daughter – their grandchild.


5th – 9th May, 1980

(Monday 12th May – Toledo Blade)


Having been rushed to Genoa Hospital after being shot on a rescue mission, a delirious Lucas calls out for Leslie.  Reached in Paris, Lance rushes to see Lucas.  On the road to recovery, Lucas explains to Casey he called out to Leslie because he came face to face with her on the rescue mission and she had no idea who he was.  Luke decides not to tell anyone but Casey that he spotted Leslie, but wonders if seeing Lance would restore her memory.  Lorie and Michael are becoming closer as she anxiously awaits having another best-selling novel.


12th – 16th May, 1980

(Monday 19th May – Toledo Blade)


Peggy, Stuart Brooks’ youngest daughter, is indecisive about staying in Genoa or going to San Francisco, as she feels a bit inhibited by Stuart’s marriage to Liz.  Steve is dating Jill, who gets a job selling cosmetics.  When Paul questions her, April denies that he is the father of her daughter.


19th – 23rd May, 1980

(Monday 26th May – Toledo Blade)


Lucas informs Lorie that he has found Leslie but that she’s suffering from amnesia.  Lorie warns Luke that Leslie is just pretending.


26th – 30th May, 1980

(Monday 2nd June – Toledo Blade)


Returning from vacation, Greg goes to Ruth who identifies a picture of Nikki as the one in the hotel room with Addison.  Tony Barker is awarded a new trial and Greg wonders how he can save Tony without revealing Nikki’s part in Addison’s death.  Kay is jealous of the time Derek is spending at work.  Suzanne suggests Austin have an affair with Kay.  Learning that April bore his child, Paul vetoes Steve’s suggestion that Paul marry her.


2nd – 6th June, 1980

(Monday 9th June – Toledo Blade)


Lucas tells Jonas all about Priscilla’s life as Leslie.  Victor visits Brock and says he’s worried about Julia.  Brock goes to see Julia who admits she has considered that life is not worth living, especially because of Victor’s cruelty.  Nikki prepares to leave town.  Nikki tells the police that Vince and Rose threatened to kill Greg if she told the authorities that Addison suffered a fatal heart attack while she was in his room.  Carl arrests Rose and warns her if Greg is harmed she is in big trouble.  Derek’s secretary lets him know she’ll do anything he wants – personally or professionally.


9th – 13th June, 1980

(Monday 16th June – Toledo Blade)


At Peggy’s insistence, Stuart goes to see Leslie.  Lucas warns Stuart that Leslie/ Pris should not be told about her past by anyone but Jonas.  While Kay is being charmed by Austin, Derek tells him to stay away.  Paul goes to Casey and warns her that Nikki is in trouble; Casey – believing Paul is the reason for the breakup of Nikki’s marriage – turns him away.  A despondent Nikki is taken in by a cult.  Chris goes to April’s parents and pleads with them to see her.


16th – 20th June, 1980

(Monday 23rd June – Toledo Blade)


Paul is upset with Patty’s dating because he knows how he has treated girls her age.  Tim tells Patty he understands Paul’s protectiveness.  Jill’s boss at the cosmetics firm is impressed when she comes up with an idea for lipstick packaging.  Mr. Abbott, Steve’s boss, tells Jill he has three children: Jack, Tiffany and Tracy are all independent thinkers but users of his money.  Both Jill and Peggy are interested in Steve, and Peggy plans to do anything she can to get him.


23rd – 27th June, 1980

(Monday 30th June – Toledo Blade)


Nikki tries to talk Paul into joining the cult.  Julia tells Victor she still loves him.  Kay wonders if Derek would be better off leaving his job as president of Chancellor, Inc.  Jonas returns from the mission unharmed and Pris/ Leslie shows Luke in no uncertain terms that Jonas is the man she loves.  Luke suggests to Jonas that the natural way for Leslie to get her memory back is by going to Geona City and seeing all her relatives.  Peggy and Steve are assigned to do a story on the cult.  Matthew and Rebecca disagree on whether it is right to withhold the fact that the cult has religious connections.


30th June – 4th July, 1980

(Monday 7th July – Toledo Blade)


Having been told about her past from Lucas, Leslie heads for Genoa City and has a meeting with Stuart.  Fearing Leslie will take baby Brooks, Lorie plans a sudden trip with the child.  Learning of the trip, Lucas tells Lorie he knows what she’s doing.  During an argument with Steve, Paul runs out of the house and literally knows into his pregnant mother Mary.  Having pains, Mary is taken to hospital where she nearly loses the baby but makes her doctor promise not to tell anyone what caused the problem.


7th – 11th July, 1980


14th – 18th July, 1980

(Monday 21st July – Toledo Blade)


Paul, still staying with the cult, learns that his mother must undergo an emergency hysterectomy and may lose the baby.  Rushing to hospital, Paul discovers the baby could not be spared, that his mother needs a transfusion and Paul’s rare blood type matches hers.  Paul saves his mother’s life and then tells her he must go back to stay with the people he’s been with.


21st – 25th July, 1980

(Monday 28th July – Toledo Blade)


While Liz is visiting Greg, a hitman comes to his apartment, aims for Greg but shoots Liz instead.  With Liz’s life in jeopardy, Greg’s love for Nikki turns to hate.  Somico, the religious head of the cult, makes a believer out of Paul and she then takes him to bed, even though the group has a no-sex rule.  Matthew is told by Somico that an ailing cult member, Ray, who seems near to death, cannot be allowed to die at the house and that he must be gotten rid of before any bad publicity touches the cult.


28th July – 1st August, 1980

(Monday 4th August – Toledo Blade)


Doug challenges Derek to a duel over Kay with Victor as Doug’s second and Brock possibly serving as Derek’s second.  Nikki tells Greg she was not responsible for his mother being shot and that it was his fault for letting her visit him.  Greg retaliates by telling Nikki how much he hates her.  Peggy infiltrates the cult as a troubled teenager and for a moment begins to fall under their spell, but Matthew wonders how much of Peggy’s crying out for help is real.  Judy beds down with Derek.


4th – 8th August, 1980

(Monday 11th August – Toledo Blade)


Matthew is beginning to suspect that Peggy is not a true cult member but an infiltrator, especially when she questions tenets of the cult.  Paul tells Nikki he’s not positive that he can accept everything of the cult, and although they’ve changed, maybe not all the changes have been for the best.


11th – 15th August, 1980

(Monday 18th August – Toledo Blade)


By selling flowers for the cult, Peggy is able to pass Steve notes about the group’s mind control and prison-like tactics.  When April’s mother is outraged at her thinking of giving up Heather for adoption, April realizes her mother really does love her.  Leslie is about to return to Genoa City and Jonas says that proves she loves Lucas, not Jonas.


18th – 22nd August, 1980

(Monday 25th August – Toledo Blade)


Leslie informs Lorie she feels Brooks should stay with Lorie for the time being but legally Luke has the final say-so.  Doug tells Kay he is leaving but she begs him to stay.  Jonas is shocked when Leslie chooses him over Lucas.  After getting pictures of Peggy from Nikki, Somico grants Peggy an interview, slips a drug into her tea and tells Matthew to get rid of her.  After awakening, Peggy was told to either live by the “new world” cult or lose her life.


25th – 29th August, 1980


1st – 5th September, 1980

(Monday 8th September – Toledo Blade)


Paul warns Nikki that the cult is evil.  Nikki refuses to believe Somico made Rebecca have sex with Paul.  Carl scours the cult house but cannot find Peggy, causing Stuart to fear his youngest daughter is dead.


8th – 12th September, 1980

(Monday 15th September – Toledo Blade)


Kay is in a quandary because she loves two men, Derek for his youthfulness and Doug Austin for his seeming stability.  Julia realizes Victor does not love her but merely wants to run her life.  Jill is becoming very impressed by her boss, Mr. Abbott, but his son has an eye on Jill.


15th – 19th September, 1980

(Monday 22nd September – Toledo Blade)


When Nikki chooses the New World cult over him, Greg turns to April.  Derek goes on a second-honeymoon cruise with Kay, expecting to get an emergency, come-home telegram from his secretary – but Victor halts the cable.  Kay is surprised when Doug is a fellow passenger.  While Peggy fights a soaring fever, Stuart thinks Steve is responsible for her abduction because Steve gave her the reporting assignment on the cult.  Julia informs Victor that his secretary claims he fathered her child.’


Monday 15th September, 1980


(CBS Promo Today on the Young and the Restless- Youtube)


Casey: “Had I found out that the two of you were in bed together… I guess that’s making progress isn’t it?”

Lucas: “I didn’t expect that to happen”

Casey: “Oh Luke, please don’t try to apologise!”

Lucas: “I’m not, I’m not. I’m not apologizing, I’m just trying to explain”


22nd – 26th September, 1980

(Monday 29th September – Toledo Blade)


Holding Steve responsible for Peggy’s abduction by the cult, Stuart fires him.  April’s father informs Paul’s parents that Paul fathered a child by April.  Jonas is touched when he discovers Leslie has redone the Allegro into an exact replica of his former club.


29th September – 3rd October, 1980

(Monday 6th October – Toledo Blade)


Victor suggests that Julia take the job as model for Michael.  Derek thinks Judy was given the executive position by Victor because they slept together.


6th – 10th October, 1980

(Monday 13th October – Toledo Blade)


Julia was made into the glamour girl for cosmetic ads.  Nikki wanders into the Allegro, but is confused when she finds the club has been made over and that Jonas is now the owner.  Nikki wants her old job back at the club.


13th – 17th October, 1980


20th – 24th October, 1980

(Monday 27th October – Toledo Blade)


The Maestro, telling Leslie that both Jonas and Lucas love her, tells her that music might be the way for her to sort out her life.  Leslie agrees and decides to return to the study of piano.  Julia sees Mike kissing Lorie and decides that she and Mike are now only friends.  Nikki comes to Casey, who promises her a place to live with no questions asked.


27th- 31st October, 1980

(Monday 3rd November – Toledo Blade)


Victor pretends to be happy about Julia’s pregnancy, but learns from the doctor he can’t be the father.  Liz, a one-time cleaning lady, feels awkward around Stuart’s society friends.  Lucas and Jonas board a plane for Genoa City, but Lucas sneaks off and returns to Leslie in Rome.


3rd- 7th November, 1980

(Monday 10th November – Toledo Blade)


Lorie arrives in Europe for Leslie’s concert.  Practising for her piano recital, Leslie recalls her past.  Nikki arrives home, tries to seduce Greg, but all he wants is a divorce.  Going to see April, Nikki warns her to stay away from Greg.  Stopping short of telling Julia he had a vasectomy, Victor tests her love by asking if Julia would choose him or the baby.


10th – 14th November, 1980

(Monday 17th November – Toledo Blade)


On an island with Felipe, Kay seriously hurts her foot.  April is confused by Nikki’s visit and doesn’t know if she should see Greg again.  Peggy is incensed when Steve says he has decided not to accept Stuart’s offer of a job at the Chronicle and intends to take a post on a Washington paper.


November 1980

(20th January, 1981- Soap Opera Digest)


While visiting Michael at his studio, Julia suffers a series of dizzy spells.  She tries to make light of the situation, but Michael won’t let her brush the matter aside.  He says that dizzy spells like these are a definite indication that something is wrong.

                Nikki reaches out to her sister.  She asks if she can come and see her.  “Of course you can”, Casey responds, “I’ll be waiting for you in my room.”

                The pain in Nikki’s eyes tears at Casey’s heart.  Nikki tells her she wants to go back to Greg…but she can’t.  He’s involved with another woman.  Casey decides to take matters into her own hands.  She pays a visit to her brother-in-law – but she might as well have saved the gas.  Greg says he doesn’t care that Nikki wants to return to him … he’s through with her.  He’s tired of her games.  He’s going to file for divorce.  The words say one thing, but his voice says another.  Casey hears the agony behind the words.  She begs Greg to talk with Nikki one last time.  He owes both him and Nikki that much.  Though it’s against his better judgment, Greg agrees.  He tells Casey to call Nikki and tell her he’ll see her.

                Michael takes Julia to the hospital.  Snapper examines her.  “According to your symptoms, Mrs. Newman,” he begins, “I don’t think it’s anything serious.  I think you’re probably pregnant.” Julia glows.  She so wants Victor’s baby.

Friendly Rivals

                Spying Jonas in a Venice hotel café, Lucas immediately heads for his table.  They have an early-morning chat about a subject dear to both their hearts – Leslie.  Lucas asks outright if Jonas is now thinking of making a total commitment to her.  “As you know, commitments are very important to Leslie,” Lucas adds.

                “No, I don’t know that,” Jonas responds.  “She never gave me any such indication.  You don’t know that woman in the suite upstairs as well as you think you do.”

                In her suite, Leslie chats with Maestro Fausch.  He advises her to pull away from both Jonas and Lucas.  What she should be dedicating herself to now is her music.  She mustn’t allow this precious gift to go to waste.  “You’re right,” Leslie responds.  “I am finally beginning to feel how important my music is to me.  I want you to set up a European concert tour…as soon as possible.  I’ll practice night and day if I need be.  I really want to return to the stage!”

                Nikki and Greg’s meeting is painful and frustrating.  Tears well in Nikki’s eyes as she realizes she can never regain Greg’s love.  He may still need her … but he no longer harbours any affection for her.  The disillusionment, the anger, is evident in his eyes.  There’s no hope.

                Julia is radiant as she leaves the examining room, but, upon spying Michael, her mood suddenly turns black.  She agonizingly recalls the one night she and Michael made love – just one time!  The baby can’t be his… it can’t be!

                Despite the fact that it’s hopeless, Nikki can’t let go.  “I don’t want a divorce,” she sobs.  “I want to come home.  I need you, Greg.”  “I’m sorry, Nikki,” Greg responds.  “I can’t remain married to you.  It’s a matter of survival.  Do you have another place to live?  If not, you can stay here until you make new living arrangements.  I’ll stay with my sister.”

                An hour later, Greg returns.  He tells Nikki he can’t stay with his sister.  She has a roommate.  “Are you saying you want to come back here?” Nikki asks.  “I don’t want to, I have to,” Greg responds.  “But don’t worry.  I won’t throw you out into the street.  You can still stay here until you find another place to live.  I’ll sleep on the couch.”  Nikki doesn’t let it show, but these words give her hope.  She might still be able to get Greg back.

A Plea

                April begs Carl and Mary Williams not to tell their son Paul that they know he’s the father of her child.  It won’t help anything, it will only make Paul feel anxious and threatened.  “I don’t need Paul,” April cries.  “I’ve recently become involved with a wonderful man.  He cares about me and my child.”

                Carl and Mary don’t have to say anything.  Paul decides to be honest.  He tells them he’s Heather’s father.  He really feels rotten about it.  He deserves any punishment his parents may inflict upon him.  “I’m not going to punish you, son,” Carl states.  “I just want you to think long and hard about something: What you plan to do about April and Heather?”

                Leslie tells Jonas and Lucas about her decision and asks them to please return home.  They agree, but later Lucas tricks Jonas and gets off the plane only minutes before takeoff.  Someone should be with Leslie during this time.  She’s going to need someone to relax with.

                Maestro Fausch is shocked to see Lucas enter his hotel suite.  Lucas quickly informs him that he’s not going to interfere with Leslie’s practising.  His main purpose for still being in Venice is to handle some Prentiss Industries business – but if Leslie does need someone to talk with, he wants her to know that he’ll be there for her.  “I don’t think I should be the one to tell her that I’m still in Venice.  I think that should come from you.  Don’t you agree Maestro?”  Lucas asks.

                Julia tells her husband she’s pregnant.  Victor masks his annoyance over the news.  “Damn!” he curses to himself.  “It’s obvious the vasectomy wasn’t a complete success – and that God-forsaken doctor assured me that it was.  I don’t want to be a father – but now I’m going to be one whether I like it or not.  I’m going to make am immediate appointment with that doctor and find out what went wrong.”

                Victor nervously paces the length of Douglas’ suite.  “Why doesn’t that damn doctor call already?” he thinks to himself.  Unable to wait any longer, he asks Douglas if he can use his phone.  He calls Dr. Samson’s office, but is informed by his nurse that he’s in surgery.  “But I can give you the results of the sperm-count test,” she states.  “The news is good.  The vasectomy is 100% effective.”  Victor will not believe these words – there must have been some foul-up at the lab.  Julia is pregnant… and he can’t believe his wife cheated on him.  He decided to see the doctor in person.

                A very curious Judy opens Victor’s bill from Dr. Samson.  She’s surprised to learn that the man had a vasectomy.  As she’s hungrily devouring this information, Derek enters the office.  He lifts the bill from Judy’s fingers.  He, too, is surprised by the news.

                Dr. Samson tells Victor the test results are accurate.  “Does that mean if I made love right after the vasectomy, I couldn’t have conceived a child?” Victor asks.  “That’s correct, Mr. Newman,” the doctor replies.  “The odds are against it … but, I should add, though the possibility is very slim, it’s not all-together unlikely.  Conception could have occurred.  It was just too soon after the procedure.”

                Liz hasn’t told Stu, but she is having a great deal of difficulty fitting into his upper-middle class world.  She feels very uneasy among his prominent friends – and she can read their unspoken thoughts.  They probably think he married beneath him.  After all, she was his housekeeper.

                Liz would like to tell Stu about her true feelings… but she can’t do that.  He likes getting together with these people … and now he wants to reciprocate their invitations.  She’s so afraid of failing him.  She has never thrown a ritzy cocktail party.  They’ll laugh at her feeble attempts at entertaining.

                The anxiety increases… but suddenly there’s a ray of hope.  Stu’s very classy secretary, Eve Howard, offers to help her.  She’ll make sure Liz’s first cocktail party is a success.

                Immediately upon arriving home, Jonas heads for Lorie’s apartment.  He tells her that Lucas is still in Venice with Leslie.  Lorie begins to make very quick plans.  She calls an airline and books an immediate flight to Venice.  She has to find out exactly what is going on between Leslie and Lucas.  Her future with her nephew – Leslie’s son –depends on it.

He Really Cares

                Kay winces.  “What’s wrong?” Felipe asks.  “It’s the cut on your foot, isn’t it? Let me take a look.”  Pain fills Felipe’s off the bandage.  He tells her it’s badly infected.  If she doesn’t see a doctor, she could die.  “What difference does it make?” Kay retorts.  “People already believe I’m dead.  It won’t matter to anyone.”  But it does matter to Felipe.  He cares.

                A glowing Jill tells Michael that John Abbott rehired her.  “And that’s why I’m here now.  I want to make sure I keep my job,” she says.  “I would like you to take some photos of Julia tonight.  This time we will make sure to give Mr. Abbott the freshness, the spontaneity he wants.  I know it’s short notice, but it can be done, can’t it?”  Michael assures Jill that it can be done.  He’ll contact Julia and see if she’s free.

                Douglas tells Victor he’ll help him with his “Eve Howard” problem.  He’ll find out exactly what kind of game she’s playing.  “I know how to lay on the charm.  It shouldn’t be hard establishing a friendship with her,” Douglas states.

                Greg is quite annoyed that Nikki has prepared a rather elegant dinner.  He accuses her of trying to manipulate him – of trying to get him to change his mind about the divorce.  “I’m not doing any such thing!”  Nikki retorts.  “I have accepted the end of our marriage.  I just wanted to give you a nice dinner.  Why don’t you sit down and enjoy it?  Then you can go to your hotel.”  Greg agrees and Nikki seizes the moment.  She says the words she knows Greg wants to hear.  She tells him she has grown up and has learned from her mistakes.  She is no longer the immature woman he married.

                Victor tells Douglas he’s too much of a cynic to discount medical evidence.  There is a very slim possibility he fathered the child Julia is carrying, but, as the doctor told him, it is highly unlikely- and that means Julia cheated on him.  How is he going to get her to admit it … and name her lover?  There must be a way of manipulating her into giving him the man’s name!  He can’t let this matter rest.  He will not give his name to a child that isn’t his.

                Leslie has begun experiencing severe headaches.  The past she has so strongly suppressed is beginning to push its way into her consciousness.  Images of years gone by appear before her eyes.  She visualizes a conversation she had with a bearded man – he has asked her to marry him.  Could this man have been Lucas?  What is happening to her?  She doesn’t understand any of this.  Is she going crazy?


17th – 21st November, 1980

(Monday 24th November – Toledo Blade)


Julia wonders about Michael’s strange attitude towards her pregnancy, almost pretending it doesn’t exist and then being very concerned when he learns she went horseback riding.  Leslie’s Italian concert draws lukewarm reviews.


24th – 28th November, 1980

(Monday 1st December – Toledo Blade)


Nikki gets Greg drunk on the night he is to see April who has gotten all dressed up.  Greg tells Nikki he doesn’t hate her and in fact still has some affection for her.  April is all excited because while Ruth tells her that Greg still loves Nikki, he is planning a divorce.


1st – 5th December, 1980

(Monday 8th December – Toledo Blade)


Julia begs Victor to pay Eve anything she wants, even if Eve’s son isn’t his child.  Peggy and Jack have a bet: he says she will wind up in bed with him.  She says that’s not true.  So after leading him on, she departs the house wearing only a mink coat.  When a policeman notices one of Peggy’s tail lights is burnt out, she is stopped.  Unable to produce any ID and wearing nothing under her coat, Pegggy is carted off to jail as a suspect prostitute, but is let go when Stuart and Jack arrive on the scene.


8th – 12th December, 1980

(Monday 15th December –Toledo Blade)


Discharged from the island hospital, Kay goes to Felipe’s hideaway and waits for him.  When he comes, he finds her about to take a drink, talks her out of it and then kisses her, telling her she’s about to spend the night.  While having lunch with Jack, Jill dumps a cup of scalding coffee in his lap and he suffers first-degree burns in a most delicate area.


15th – 19th December, 1980

(Monday 22nd December – Toledo Blade)


Doug Austin returns to Genoa Cty and tries to prove that Eve Howard’s son is Derek’s, not Victor’s, but he has the facts all wrong because he thinks Philip is Eve’s son.  Eve turns down Victor’s offer of $10,000, saying she plans to wait until Victor’s dead so that her son Charles gets what’s rightfully his, the Newman fortune.  Learning that Nikki has no intentions of giving Greg a divorce, Liz suggests that she leave and instead of moving in with Paul, Nikki takes an apartment with Casey.  Greg warns Nikki if she tries to stop the divorce, he’ll catch her in adultery.


22nd – 26th December, 1980

(Monday 29th December – Toledo Blade)


Paul’s mom is broken-hearted when April takes Heather back home.  April is delighted when her parents ask her to spend Christmas Eve at home.  Julia and Victor prepare to celebrate Christmas and she asks him to please love the baby as much as he loves her.  Nikki meets a new guy in town who says he has an interest in helping models and actresses, gives her money up front and promises her there’ll be lots of work later.


December 1980

(3rd. February, 1981 – Soap Opera Digest)


                Julia is quite perplexed by her husband’s questions.  She has never seen Victor so vulnerable, so filled with insecurities and self-doubts.  “Julia, I have to be assured of something,” he states.  “I want you to tell me that, if forced to choose between me and the child you’re carrying, you would pick me.  Please tell me that’s what you’d do… This question isn’t so strange.  Haven’t you sensed that all through our marriage I have never wanted to share you with anyone or anything?” “I don’t understand, Victor,” she responds, her voice trembling.  “How can you ask such a question?  I love both of you equally.  Please don’t torture yourself.  You’ll learn to love this child; I know you will.”


29th December, 1980 – 2nd January, 1981

(Monday 5th January – Toledo Blade)


Leslie tells Lorie she intends to get to know her son Brooks but promises not to tell him she’s his mother.  Lucas tells Lorie that he feels she is the one who should take care of Brooks, not Leslie.  Michael takes Lorie out on New Year’s Eve and Victor makes sure her and Julia are at the same party.  Peggy thinks Steven is truly a changed man.  Nikki puts on a front of being willing to give Greg a divorce, and befriends April.  April’s mother warns her not to trust Nikki.  Greg tells Nikki he is thrilled at the changed she has made in her life, but wants her to stay away from Paul.