Young and the Restless




1st – 5th January, 1979

(Monday 8th January, 1979 – Toledo Blade)


A lying Jill tells Stuart she is pregnant.  Aghast, Stuart realizes it is Liz he really loves.  Vanessa tricks Lorie into seeing Leslie as she steps from the shower so she can realise how pregnant Leslie really is.  Lorie guesses that Leslie is carrying Lance’s child, not Lucas’.  Snapper and Chris reconcile.


8th – 12th January, 1979

(Monday 15th January – Toledo Blade)


Still feigning pregnancy, Jill decides to try a new tactic with Stuart- she says she will raise the child alone and never tell anyone the child is his.  Peggy plans to stay in Genoa City.  Depressed over the death of her mother, Nikki stops studying and is in danger of flunking out of school.  Kay learns that Suzanne’s husband Alec was killed in a hunting rifle accident, and that Derek’s son, Jamie, who saw the death, has been unable to speak since then and is confined to a sanitarium.


15th – 19th January, 1979

(Monday 22nd January – Toledo Blade)


Believing that Stuart is about to announce his engagement to Liz, the girls are shocked to learn that Jill is “carrying” their father’s child.  Knowing Suzanne knows she can walk, Kay makes an instant miracle and tells Derek she is cured.  Feeling he no longer owes Kay a debt, Derek plans to leave but stays when she begs him not to make her sorry she can walk.  Peggy starts a job as a newspaper intern.  Nikki is interested in Greg.


22nd – 26th January, 1979

(Monday 29th January – Toledo Blade)


Leslie is in labour.  Liz is devastated when she learns Stuart and Jill plan to marry.  At the last minute, Jill decides she wants to marry Derek, but it is too late for her to tell Liz.  Liz throws Jill out of the house telling her never to return again.  Derek asks Kay for a divorce.  She agrees but enlists Suzanne’s aid to end Jill and Derek’s romance.


29th January – 2nd February, 1979

(Monday 5th February – Toledo Blade)


To stop Derek from talking to Jill before she marries Stuart, Suzanne tells Derek about Jamie’s breakdown, and Derek goes to his son’s side.  Not knowing why Derek hasn’t communicated with her, Jill weds Stuart.  Peggy plans to live at home so Jill won’t be able to run her father’s house or his life.  Greg guesses it must be that Jill is pregnant.  Brock learns that Casey’s father has left Oregon but he wants to continue his search.


5th – 9th February, 1979

(Monday 12th February – Toledo Blade)


Safely back in Switzerland, Leslie goes into labour.  Liz returns a diamond pendant which Stuart gave her.  Kay is delighted when Liz returns to work.  Peggy warns Jill that she will not make Jill’s marriage to her father easy.  Casey is unable to explain why she is terrified of her father and begs Brock not to try and find her.  Nikki is astonished when her father arrived on her doorstep and asks her to keep his visit a secret from Casey for a while.  Greg tells Stuart he knows why he married Jill.  Nikki learns that she was inherited $10,000 from her mother.


12th – 16th February, 1979

(Monday 19th February – Toledo Blade)


Jill plots to get Stuart to bed so she can get pregnant.  Derek and Kay sleep with one another.  Suzanne, recalling her days in the asylum, vows to get Derek back for herself and Jamie.  In Switzerland, Les gives birth to a son.  Lorie, feeling insecure, asks Lance to take her away because she wants to try and get pregnant.  Casey remembers why she hates men: as a child she was molested by her father.


19th – 23rd February, 1979

(Monday 26th February – Toledo Blade)


Casey remembers that her father molested her as a child.  Leslie names her son Brooks Lucas Prentiss.  Vanessa plans to travel to Switzerland but wants Lance to go so he will realise the baby’s been born and that the baby is his, not Lucas’.  Lorie continues to try and lure Lance to a warm climate vacation.  Nikki and Casey’s father is scheming for the $10,000 which Nikki inherited from her mother.  Peggy loves her work at the newspaper.  Jill admits to Derek she still loves him but plans to make her marriage to Stuart work.


26th February – 2nd March, 1979

(Monday 5th March – Toledo Blade)


Suzanne schemes to have Kay committed to a sanitarium in order to get all the money she needs for Jamie and Derek.  Jill wants to throw a large family dinner party; Stuart is opposed but is weakening.  Casey is unable to hande the memory of the time her father molested her.  Learning that her father is in town, Casey tries to warn Nikki, but Nikki tells Casey to stay away from her.  Although Lorie thinks she is going on a second honeymoon, Lance has been persuaded by Vanessa to take Lorie on a surprise trip to Switzerland.


5th – 9th March, 1979

(Monday 12th March – Toledo Blade)


Leslie admits to Lucas that she cares for and needs him.  Casey vows to get her father out of Nikki’s life.  Lorie and Lance share an Acapulco vacation.  Vanessa arrives in Switzerland and sees Leslie and Lucas in a passionate embrace.  Snapper enlists Chris’ aid to help an elderly patient with little food or money.  Vanessa lets Lucas think that Lorie and Lance’s marriage is in deep trouble.


12th – 16th March, 1979

(Monday 19th March – Toledo Blade)


Suzanne slips Kay a hallucinogen.  At Liz’s suggestion, Kay considers taking a cruise to forget Derek but Derek doesn’t want to forget her.  Snapper and Greg advise Stuart that it’s not too late to end his marriage to Jill.  Stuart gets angry when Jill leaves the house at night and doesn’t return for hours.  Casey wonders if she should tells Nikki that she was once molested by her dad.  Jill feels the only way to save her marriage is to seek artificial insemination in New York.


19th – 23rd March, 1979

(Monday 26th March – Toledo Blade)


During a visit by Stuart, Liz senses he is unhappy and tells him she forgives him for marrying Jill.  Jill is in New York seeking artifical insemination.  Casey decides to see if she can work things out with her father for Nikki’s sake.  Snapper isn’t sure Casey should have anything to do with her father.  When Nikki asks why she hates their father.  Casey decides not to tell her that as a child he molested her.  Brock suggests Casey’s father become a bartender at his place.  Kay wants to make her marriage with Derek work out but Suzanne will stop at nothing to break them up.  Her memory dimmed by the years, Casey is having doubts as to whether the childhood incident with her father really happened or she just dreamed it did.


26th – 30th March, 1979


2nd – 6th April, 1979

(Monday 9th April – Toledo Blade)


During a fight with Stuart, Jill tumbles down the stairs and is taken unconscious to the hospital.  Worried about her baby, Stuart learns from the doctor that Jill isn’t pregnant.  Derek is puzzled because Kay says she wants Suzanne to stay with them.  Demented, Suzanne daydreams of Kay being taken away in a straightjacket and Suzanne literally taking her place.  Lance learns that Lucas and Leslie have a baby son, and fears Lorie is jealous.


9th – 13th April, 1979

(Monday 16th April – Toledo Blade)


About to be released from hospital, Jill learns form the physician that Stuart knows she was not pregnant when she was admitted.  Lucas and Leslie become husband and wife in the fullest sense.  Suzanne is weaving psychological trips to drive Kay insane, even to setting loose a tarantula to scare her; when Kay spots it, Suzanne claims there’s nothing there.  Nikki is angry at Casey’s suggestion that the missing Nick may be out drinking; when Nick returns he claims he was searching for a job, and has found one.


16th – 20th April, 1979

(Monday 23rd April – Toledo Blade)


A lawyer informs Suzanne that Kay can only be committed if she is a threat to herself or others.  When Kay fears Liz may tells Derek she’s having emotional trouble, Suzanne suggests they try to make sure Liz keeps quiet, figuring that Kay’s attempt to get rid of Liz will assure her being committed.  Stuart tells Jill he wants her out of his house; she refuses to go or give him a divorce.  Maestro asked to be godfather of Leslie’s child; he insists that Vanessa be the godmother.


23rd – 27th April, 1979

(Monday 30th April – Toledo Blade)


When Jill refuses to agree to a divorce, Stuart seeks and annulment.  Leslie, Lucas and baby Brooks arrive in Genoa City.  Vanessa keeps telling Lorie how much the baby resembles Lance.  Feariong Liz is going to tell Derek about her emotional problems, Kay is about to attack her with a knife, but the life of the unsuspecting Liz is saved when she turns away to answer the phone.  Upset that Nikki has agreed to go out with Greg, Nick tells Greg she has broken the date, then comforts Nikki when she thinks she has been stood up.


30th April –


7th – 11th May, 1979

(Monday 14th May – Toledo Blade)


Snapper is displeased to discover Greg is dating Nikki.  When Nick sees Greg and Nikki kissing, he fumes and thinks to himself that Nikki is his and nobody else’s; giving Nikki a goodnight kiss he is more than fatherly.  Lance realizes how his brother must still hate him when Lucas, prodded by Vanessa, decides to take over Prentiss Industries.  Released from the hospital, Suzanne stops by to see Kay on her way to the mansion, leaves behind a box of chocolates into which she injected a substance.


14th – 18th May, 1979

(Monday 21st May – Toledo Blade)


Jill turns down Stuart’s offer of $25,000 for an uncontested annulment when Derek makes it clear he is going to stay with Kay.  Stuart tells Lorie he can fight for the annulment but that means letting everyone know Jill said she was pregnant before they married.  Leslie is aghast at Lucas’ plan to take Prentiss from Lance.  Lucas finally admits he’s motivated by more than a desire to take care of Leslie and baby Brooks – he also wants revenge against Lance.  Snapper and Casey argue over his opposition to Nikki’s dating Greg.  Nikki plans to tell Greg about her promiscuous past.


21st – 25th May, 1979

(Monday 28th May – Toledo Blade)


Lucas, having shaved off her beard, proposes to Lance that they become partners, with Lance running the foreign office.  Sensing this was Leslie’s idea, Lance turns him down and plans to fight for the company.  Jill tells Derek she will wait for him, but he feels she is not the same Jill he fell in love with.


28th May – 1st June, 1979

(Monday 4th June – Toledo Blade)


On Memorial Day, Jill pays a visit to Kay in the sanitarium; seeing the non-communicative state Kay is in, Jill feels she has won Derek back.  Stuart and Liz believe they can rekindle their old flame.  Suzanne forces Kay to eat the chemically doctored candy, but Kay spits it out as soon as Suzanne leaves.  Discovering a shattered picture of herself, Nikki realizes Casey may be rght about her father’s violence.  Arriving home reeking of liquor, Nick assaults his daughter.


4th – 8th June, 1979

(Monday 11th June – Toledo Blade)


Kay is beginning to realise something is strange about Suzanne forcing her to eat candy.  Jill still thinks she has a chance with Derek.  Suzanne flirts Derek into bed.  Just before he dies from wounds inflicted by Nikki, Nick Reed teels police it was his fault and prays for forgiveness because he is truly a twisted man who had sexual deisgns on his daughters, Casey and Nikki.  Leslie thinks more than Lucas’ physical appearance has changed.  Nikki, running away from Greg who is trying to comfort her, meets up with Paul and considers bedding down with him.  Greg and Nikki are in love with each other but are afraid to admit it.


11th – 15th June, 1979

(Monday 18th June – Toledo Blade)


Nikki is unable to shake her father calling her a tramp.  Greg is angry when Snapper reveals Nikki’s sordid past.  Brock walks in on Derek and Suzanne in the bedroom.  Brock tells Derek that he can prove to himself that Suzanne is staying in town to be near Derek, not Kay, by asking Suzanne to move out of the mansion.  Going to the hospital, Suzanne tells Kay she’s going to watch her eat the chocolate she has bought.  A young girl who has been beaten comes to Snapper’s clinc seeking medical attention, but warns him if the police are told she will be murdered.


18th – 22nd June, 1979

(Monday 25th June – Toledo Blade)


When someone at the sanitarium where Kay is hospitalized sets the institution on fire, a charred body wearing Kay’s jewellery is discovered, and the doctors decide that she is dead.  Lorie is bewildered when Lance says he’s going to take things easy for a while and not look for a new company to own.  Leslie realizes that Lance feels betrayed and hurt by both Vanessa and Lucas, but she tells Lorie she has to be loyal to her husband.  Lucas, obviously overworked, tells Leslie that her decision to resume her concert career is good because then he won’t have to worry about her or Brooks and can concentrate on the job he has to do.  Jill vows to get even with all the Brooks daughters because she feels they are coercing Stuart into not giving her a handsome divorce settlement.


25th – 29th June, 1979

(Monday 2nd July – Toledo Blade)


With her funeral in progress, Kay, wearing a black net veil, sits in a back pew and wonders if she should expose Suzanne.  Greg wants his own apartment.  Chris goes to Julie’s waiting customer and warns him the girl who is coming to his hotel suite is under-age.  Liz is shocked when she goes to pay Derek a condolence call and finds Jill in his arms.


2nd – 6th July, 1979

(Monday 9th July – Toledo Blade)


Lance decides to take a vacation by himself.  Leslie wants Lucas to accompany her on her concert tour.  Going to Liz’s house, Kay takes off her net veil and reveals herself.  Stuart warns Jill he is on to her and her desires for Derek.


9th – 13th July, 1979

(Monday 16th July – Toledo Blade)


Jill is astounded when Kay’s will names Philip as beneficiary of a $100,000 trust fund.  Julie’s brothel roommate Sharon looks to Chris and Snapper for help.  Rose, the house’s madam, warns Julie that if Sharon is not returned, they’ll both be in serious trouble.


16th – 20th July, 1979

(Monday 23rd July – Toledo Blade)


Making advances to Derek, Suzanne is startled when she sees Kay’s shadow.  Suzanne thinks she is losing her mind.  When Jill shows up at Derek’s with a raincoat and very skimpy outfit underneath, Kay decides the only way she can compete is to stay “dead”.  Nikki is taken aback by Greg’s proposal.  Julie feels that Sharon has been harmed by Rose.


23rd – 27th July, 1979

(Monday 30th July – Toledo Blade)


When Stuart chokes on a chicken bone, Jill calls Snapper who gives her over-the-phone instruction on how to perform a tracheotomy.  While Stuart’s life has been saved, he may have brain damage because of lack of oxygen.  Living with Elizabeth, Kay is learning to lead the simple life.  Snapper is openly displeased about Greg and Nikki’s impending wedding.  Casey dreams of having intimate relations with Brock.


30th July – 3rd August, 1979

(Monday 6th August – Toledo Blade)


Regaining consciousness, Stuart passes all tests and doctors decide he has not suffered any brain damage.  Grateful to Jill for performing the emergency tracheotomy that saved his life, he offers her anything she wants.  Stuart is stunned when Jill says she wants a second chance at making their marriage work.  Chris offers to help Nikki plan her wedding.  Worried about Julie, Chris goes to Brock for advice.  Rose warns Julie if Chris does any more snooping there will be trouble for everyone.


6th – 10th August, 1979

(Monday 13th August – Toledo Blade)


Trying to find Julie, Chris goes to Rose’s antique shop.  What she discovers is Sharon in the basement and learns that Rose is going to sell Julie and Chris into white slavery in South America.  Kay tells Liz to fight for Stuart if she loves him.  Nikki wants to postpone marriage to Greg but he insists they tie the knot now.  Casey is beginning to let her sexual defences down where Brock is concerned.


13th – 17th August, 1979

(Monday 20th August – Toledo Blade)


When Lance calls Vanessa from New Zealand, she suggests he visit Leslie in Australia.  Unaware that Lucas plans to come to Australia, Leslie pleaded to see Lance.  Worried about Chris’ whereabouts, Snapper goes to Rose’s antique shop.  Derek is deeply impressed when he learns Jill performed the emergency tracheotomy.


20th – 24th August, 1979

(Monday 27th August – Toledo Blade)


Greg is unsure of his plans to marry Nikki.  Suzanne prepares to get Derek in bed but Kay squelches the plot by appearing in the bedroom when Suzanne is alone.  Liz talks Kay into telling Brock she is alive.  Lorie tells Lance she is hurt because while she waited for him to come home, he was visiting Leslie in Australia.


27th – 31st August, 1979

(Monday 3rd September – Toledo Blade)


When Lance decides to return to Prentice Industries, Lucas sends him to war-torn Santo Domingo.  Leslie is disturbed by Lucas’ heavy work schedule.  A grateful Sharon, reunited with her parents, returns home.  Kay reveals herself to Brock while he is placing flowers on her grave.  A lonely Derek pays a visit to Jill; when Derek kisses Jill, she says she’s made a vow to herself to make her marriage to Stuart work.


3rd – 7th September, 1979

(Monday 10th September – Toledo Blade)


Leslie cannot comprehend Lucas’ sending Lance to war-torn San Domingo, until Lorie explains it is because of Les’ affections for Lance.  Chris, helping to plan Greg and Nikki’s wedding, wants the reception to be held in her father’s house.  Brock tells Kay she must come out of hiding soon or she will surely lose Derek.  Although Les wants to leave Lucas because she says she doesn’t understand a man who could do such a thing, Lorie tells her that if she does that then Lance is surely doomed.


10th – 14th September, 1979

(Monday 17th September – Toledo Blade)


Nikki and Greg wed.  Concerned because she has been unable to conceive, Chris plans to see a doctor.  Thinking Jill wants Derek, Stuart feels he may be able to get a divorce.  Broaching the subject to Liz, she seems unaware what this could mean to her future with Stuart.  Going to Derek, Jill suggests they marry, but Derek turns her down.


17th – 21st September, 1979

(Monday 24th September – Toledo Blade)


Stuart offers Jill a large settlement if she will give him a divorce.  But she feels he’s only doing it in order to have a life with Liz.  Suzanne is startled when she receives a box of chocolates just like the one she sent to Kay in the institution.  Suzanne’s night of lovemaking with Derek is halted before it begins when Kay’s “ghost” appears to haunt Suzanne.


24th – 28th September, 1979

(Monday 1st October – Toledo Blade)


Derek admits to Suzanne the house holds too many memories of Kay.  Wanting to forget the past, Derek considers moving to Europe with Suzanne.  Kay decides it’s time to reveal herself.  Lorie is furious when Lucas tells Lance that Leslie loves Lance.  Deciding to obtain a divorce from Stuart, Jill is becoming interested in her attorney Fred.


1st – 5th October, 1979

(Monday 8th October – Toledo Blade)


Kay brings a shopping bag with tarantulas to the house in an attempt to further frighten Suzanne.  Jill warns Stuart she will tell everyone the night she fell down the stairs he pushed her.  Jill believes Derek intends to marry Suzanne in Europe, while Derek thinks Jill and Stuart have a happy marriage.


8th – 12th October, 1979

(Monday 15th October – Toledo Blade)


Aware that Prentiss Industries is floundering, Lance wants to return to the company.  Lucas, fearing this will bring Leslie and Lance together, is against the idea.  To stop Derek from leaving for Europe with Suzanne, Kay sends flowers to Jill with a loving message from Derek.  Derek and Jill admit their love but he still heads for the airport.


15th – 19th October, 1979

(Monday 22nd October – Toledo Blade)


Realising his love for Jill, Derek tells Suzanne he cannot go to Europe with her.  A distraught Suzanne intends to get even with both Jill and Derek.  Chris tells Snapper she is pregnant and that she contracted German measles.  Wanting to be a model, Nikki signs a contract that may create serious legal problems for herself and Greg.


October 1979

(8th January, 1980- Soap Opera Digest)


Lance tells Leslie that Lucas won’t let him return to the business.  He’s afraid to let them touch as brothers… and he has a very real reason for his fear.  “Lucas suspects that you’re still in love with me.  Is that true, Leslie?” Lance softly asks.  Leslie (lying though her teeth) replies that Lucas is letting his insecurities get away with him.  She isn’t in love with Lance.  She loves Lucas.  Lance then suggests that Leslie show Lucas how much she still loves him – give visual indication of that love.  Leslie tries (she sets up a candle-light dinner for her and Lucas)… but fails.  It’s much too difficult going through with this charade.  Observing his wife’s uneasiness, Lucas quickly deduces the dinner was Lance’s idea.  Leslie breaks down in tears.  Lucas takes her in his arms and comforts her.  He tells her he understands.


Nikki tells Greg she has come to a decision about their future.  She wants to become a model.  Dumb, isn’t it? Greg replies it isn’t dumb.  Nikki has everything it takes to become a successful model.  He’ll back her all the way.


Lance won’t let matters rest (he can’t, he tells Lorie).  He’s determined to find out what is causing the dissention between Lorie and Leslie.


Kay seethes when she finds out from Brock about Derek’s plans.  She can’t let Derek fly off into the sunset with Suzanne.  She can’t let that woman win.  Well, it won’t happen.  She has just come up with a plan – a last ditch effort to get Derek and Jill back together again.  Hopefully, flowers will accomplish what mere talk couldn’t.


A Surprising Gift


Fondling the dozen red roses, Jill wonders who could have sent this delightful gift to her.  She reads the card.  The flowers are from Derek.  Is it true? Does he truly still love her?  Maybe she hasn’t lost Derek after all.  Kay would smile if she could see this look on Jill’s face.  It appears that her plan is working.  Derek and Jill may soon be reunited.


Rose has found a new front for her illicit activities (drugs, prostitution, ect.).  She has set up a modeling agency.  It’s the perfect means to find the girls she needs for her prostitution ring.  In fact, she has already had one response to the ad she ran in the newspaper.  She has an appointment this afternoon with a Nikki Reed.  Poor Nikki, she may be about to get herself into more trouble than she can handle.


Jill calls Derek.  He tells her he didn’t sent her the roses, but the sentiments expressed in the card are true.  He does still love her.  He’s sorry he can’t talk any longer.  His cab has just arrived.  Has Suzanne finally won? Kay’s plan didn’t work out exactly as she had hoped.  Derek and Suzanne are now headed for the airport.  Jill rushes to the airport.  She’s too late.  The passengers have already boarded the flight.  She begs the steward to let her on the plane.  It’s important she sees someone on that flight.  The steward says he’s sorry, only paid passengers are allowed on the plane.  Jill’s eyes light up.  Is Jill about to buy a ticket for Paris, France? She certainly does.  She plans on giving Suzanne quite a surprise.


Derek heads for the men’s room.  He sees Jill.  She greets him with a similing, “Hello Derek, small world isn’t it.”  She then tells him she’s headed for New York (the flight is making a stopover in that city).  She’s going to do a little sightseeing, shopping.  She’s travelling alone, “Stuart and I are getting a divorce,” Jill states.  Derek tells Jill, Suzanne has been a very good friend to him, but he isn’t going to marry her.  Where did she get that idea? Jill then says they must have gotten their wires crossed.  She thought he was going to marry Suzanne and he thought she was happily married to Stu.  “What’s going to happen to us now, Derek?” Jill asks.  “Are you still going to go to Europe with Suzanne?” Derek shakes his head no.  Derek and Jill have been reunited.  Kay has gotten her wish.


Nikki (using her maiden name of Reed) signs a contract with Rose’s modeling agency.  She didn’t believe becoming a model would be so simple.  She’s so happy. 


Chris returns home.  She says her time alone has given her the answers she needed.  She so wanted to give Snapper a baby.  Perplexed, Snapper asks what is she talking about? Chris, blinking back the tears, cries when she was away she got sick.  She got sick.


During the stopover in New York, Derek tells Suzanne he isn’t going on to Europe with her.  He’s going back to Genoa City.  He has to be with Jill.  He loves that woman very much.  Suzanne can understand that, can’t she?


Chris tells Snapper the reason why she went away was because she was exposed to something.  She went away to wait out the incubation period, to see if she would get the disease… and she did.  She got German measles.


Greg advises Nikki not to sign any contracts without letting him see them first.  Nikki lies.  She tells her husband she won’t. 


Suzanne doesn’t understand.  She cries she thought Derek was learning to love her.  What did she do wrong?  She loves him so much.  Derek says he doesn’t love Suzanne the way he loves Jill.  He feels grateful to her, but he doesn’t love her.  Suzanne cries she understands what Derek is saying.  He wants her out of his life.  Okay, she’ll go, but she just wants to say this one last thing to him.  He’s going to regret giving his heart to Jill.  That woman is no good.  “Mark my words, Derek, one day she’ll hurt you.  I’m sure of it,” Suzanne says.


Chris tells Snapper the full story.  She tells him she’s pregnant.  What is she going to do? Snapper says they’ll face it together.


Vanessa accuses Leslie of heartlessness.  She knows Lucas is very much in love with her, yet she still refuses to sleep with him.  She isn’t being fair to him.  Leslie is obviously the sort of woman who can only make love to men with whom she’s emotionally involved.  Why doesn’t she now do the human thing for Lucas.  Give him his freedom.  Give him the chance to find a woman who can really love him.  Give him a divorce.


As Jill makes marriage plans with Derek, Stuart makes some plans of his own.  He tells Lorie he is not longer going to be Mr. Nice Guy.  He’s going to give Jill the fight of her life.  He has just learned that she’s going to claim in court that he pushed her down those stairs all those months ago.  Well he’s not going to let her get aways with that.  He’s going to pay Jill back for all her cruelty.


He Has to Know


Taking his mother’s advice that he find out tonight just how much Leslie really cares for him, Lucas waits for her in her bedroom.  Unaware that he’s in the room with her, Leslie softly croons a romantic ballad.  When the song is completed, Lucas asks if she is singing that song for him.  Is he her beloved?


Snapper tells Casey, Chris diagnosed herself.  She didn’t see a doctor.  Casey then cries Crhis might have been wrong.  She might not have had German measles after all.


Nikki barges into Rose’s office. She says she just read the contract.  It says she owes Rose $1800.  There’s no way she can pay that money… no way! She wants out.  Rose tells Nikki to calm down.  The money comes out of what Nikki will make modeling and with Nikki’s looks she should be making a lot of cash.  Nikki is worrying for nothing.  Nikki buys Rose’s reassuring words.  This career means too much for her to blow it.  Poor Nikki.  She is trapped.  She will now have to do anyting Rose says to pay back that money.


Leslie gives up her dream…her romantic fantasy of having Lance as her husband.  She turns towards Lucas.  She allows him to warm her heart and aching soul.  She doesn’t resist as he carries her off to bed….Well, Leslie tries but she can’t let go of her dream.  She’s so sorry.  She never meant to hurt Lucas.  She runs sobbing from her bedroom and stops abruptly when she sees Lance and Vanessa in the living room.  Why did Lance have to be here, now, and see her in this condition?  He immediately comforts her.  He says Leslie shouldn’t stay here tonight.  He’s taking her and her son to his and Lorie’s place.  She’ll spend the night with them.  Leslie tries to get out of it, but Lance won’t let her.  Leslie fears what this will do to Lorie.  Lorie will never forgive her.


Liz calls Kay.  She tells her that Jill asked Stu for a quick divorce but it will cost him.  She’s asking for a $100,000 settlement.  May turns to Brock and says she can’t allow that to happen… and she knows just the way to stop it.  She calls Lorie.

Jill signs the papers.  Stu hands her the check.  Jill suddenly feels the check being torn from her hands.  Lorie smiles as she rips the check into little pieces.  Jill screams, what is going on? Lories says she’s not going to lett Jill rob her father of $100,000.  Jill counters that either Stu settle their marriage this way or else she’ll see him in court.  Stu then asks Jill if she would accept a personal check.  Jill says yes.  She trusts Stu.  Jill goes upstairs to pack.  Lorie tells her father they are going to call Jill’s bluff.  Jill doesn’t ant a long, drawn-out court battle.  She is planning to marry Derek.  She is just as eager as Stu to end the marriage.  Stu says he’s going to put a stop on the check in the morning.  Jill is going to get nothing.


Snapper goes to see Dr. Nessler, Chris’ gynecologist.  Dr. Nessler tells Snapper there’s a slim chance Chris might not have contracted German measles.  They can find out for certain by running a blood test.


Lories screams at Leslie to cut the excuses.  Leslie is here because she wants to be here.  She won’t let go of Lance.  Well, she wants Leslie out of here tomorrow morning.  She will not have Leslie interfering in her marriage.  Leslie has to forget Lance.  Lorie’s words sting.  Leslie’s thoughts stray towards suicide.  Will she make that fatal leap off the balcony?


Monday 22nd to Friday 25th October, 1979

(Monday 29th October, 1979- Toledo Blade)


Lorie tears up a cashier’s check for $100,000 that Stuart was giving Jill in order to obtain divorce.  When Jill insists on payment, Stuart then writes Jill a personal check.  When Laurie tells Stuart that Jill is anxious to get a divorce in order to marry Derek, he cancels the check and assures Jill if she wants a divorce there’ll be no money coming from him.  Snapper is not so certain that Chris had German measles.  Separated from Lucas, Leslie haltingly accepts Lance’s suggestion that she move in with Laurie and him.  Laurie knows Kay is alive.


29th October – 2nd November, 1979

(Monday 5th November – Toledo Blade)


Stuart is puzzled when Jill signs a divorce settlement and agrees to a no-alimony plan.  Going to Elizabeth, Stuart cannot understand why she’s hesitant to make marriage plans with him.  Elizabeth realizes with Kay alive, Jill will be left with nothing – but she cannot reveal to Stuart that Kay is not dead.  Casey feels it is time to discover why she fears sex and starts coming on to men just so she can prove she is capable of being a woman.


5th – 9th November, 1979

(Monday 12th November – Toledo Blade)


Casey goes to Luke’s apartment and plans to make him her first-time lover.  Lance is pleased that Lorie is helping take care of baby Brooks.  Greg is livid when he discovers that Nikki’s job as model means parading around in panty and bra.  Snapper and Chris are deliriously happy when they learn their unborn baby has not suffered any damage, because it is likely Chris did not contract German measles.


12th – 16th November, 1979

(Monday 19th November, 1979- Toledo Blade)


Kay’s friend and lawyer Mitch is dumbfounded when Kay calls and asks him to come over to Elizabeth’s house.  At Elizabeth’s house, Mitch refuses to believe the woman is Kay- that it’s merely someone trying to cash in on her money.  Lorie is shocked when she discovers Leslie in not with Lucas.  A tattered and dazed Leslie comes to a seedy oceanfront bar.



Late November/ December 1979

 (Tuesday 19th February, 1980- Soap Opera Digest)


    Jill discovers Suzanne’s body and the suicide note.  “You bitch!” Jill screams.  “Well, it isn’t going to work.  I know you’re faking.  Wake up.  I’m burning your stupid note.”  Jill then examines Suzanne’s body.  She gasps and and utters, “Oh my God.  Could it be she’s not faking? What am I going to do?” Jill agonises.  She decides not to tell Derek… at least not yet.  It can wait until after they’re married.


     Kay is waiting outside the hallway.  She plans on making her grand entrance at just the right moment.  Jill and Derek repeat their vows.  The justice of the peace pronounces them husband and wife.  Jill has gotten her wish.  She has finally married Derek.  They no sooner sign their marriage certificate than they hear a thud coming from somewhere upstairs.  Jill doesn’t let on what she thinks the thud is.  She follows Derek up the staircase.  To Jill’s relief, she and Derek find Suzanne scrounging for something on the floor.  “She was faking,” Jill thinks to herself.  Derek angrily rushes to Suzanne.  He cries what is she still doing in his house?  He wants her out of here… now! He has been more than patient with her.  He and Jill now want to be alone.  He wants to be alone to honeymoon with his wife.

    Key enters Jill and Derek’s bedroom.  She feels a stab of pain as she watches them make love.  She waits but a second then dramatically makes her presence known.  She screams at Derek and Jill to get out of her bed.  She then leaves the room.  It’s definitely a glorious moment in Kay’s life.  She has a hard time suppressing a smile as she saw that look of fright on Jill’s face. 

    “What was that?” Jill shudders.  “It can’t be who I think it was… can it?” Derek replies he’s going downtairs to investigate the situation.  Jill screams at Derek not to leave her alone.  She’s so afraid.  Derek tells Jill she’ll be safe.  She can lock the bedroom door.


An Unbridegable Gap?


    Nikki cries to Greg she doesn’t want her modeling career to put a wedge between them.  She loves her work.  It’s the best thing that has ever happened to her.  For the first time in her life, she feels good about herself.  Why can’t Greg share her joy? Why can’t he support her?  Greg replies he loves Nikki very much, but she’s asking the impossible.  He’ll never be able to accept her work… and he he knows full well he’ll never be able to force her to quit.  They have indeed reached a stalemate in their marriage.


    Kay reenters the bedroom.  Jill screams at her, “You’re dead! You’re dead!” Kay doesn’t say a word.  She just walks closer and closer to Jill.  Finally Jill faces the horrible truth.  It is her nemesis.  Kay is indeed alive! She screams at Kay she can’t take everything away from her again.  She can’t.  Kay coldly replies she already has.  Jill has been left with nothing…abosolutely nothing.


    Leslie is resting in Jonas’ apartment.  She awakes with a smart.  Jonas says sorry, don’t worry, he’s not going to hurt her.  He’s just concerned about her.  She seems very confused.  She doesn’t seem to remember who she is or where she came from.  He doesn’t thinl she should wander the streets alone.  It’s a very cruel world out there.  It would greatly ease his mind if she would rest for a while in the spare room above the bar, the room down the hall from his own apartment.


    Derek gasps as he beholds Kay.  He cries, it can’t be! It can’t be!  “It is me, Derek,” Kay responds.  “I am very much alive- in fact, I was even at my own funeral.  It was quite interesting watching you being comforted by both Jill and Suzanne.” “You should have told me you were still alive,” Derek continues to cry.  “How could you have done this to me?” “I have not only done it to you, I have also done it to Jill,” Kay coldly states.  “Could you have forgotten your bride?” Jill enters the room.  She screams at Kay she’s a hateful, manipulative woman.  Kay responds that’s the pot calling the kettle black.  Jill is going to pay for what she did to her mother.  Jill is going to be left with nothing.  She wants Jill to leave her home…now!

    Derek tells Jill to abide by Kay’s wishes.  He’ll call her later.  Alone with Kay, Derek lets his true feelings show (if these are indeed his true feelings).




Rose and Vinny send Nikki into the wolf’s den.  They know what Mr. Addison wants…now they’ll have to see if Nikki will give it.  Nikki won’t.  She’s a model, not a hooker.  Mr. Addison had some nerve.  She quickly leaves his suite.


26th November- 30th November, 1979

(Saturday 1st December, 1979- Madison Courier)


Derek must make a decision very soon.  Lorie has tried everything to get Lance’s mind off of Leslie.  A reconciliation attempt is squashed.  Stu meets a formidable enemy.  Nikki realizes that she has made an awful mistake.


(Monday 3rd December, 1979- Toledo Blade)


Jill goes to Liz revealing she eloped with Derek but had her life shattered because Kay is not dead.  Jill realizes that Liz has been harbouring Kay in her room for months.  Greg is disappointed when Nikki is negative about starting a family right away.  Derek tells Kay he loves her and then goes to Jill with the same story.  Derek agrees to try and live with Kay again in order to get her money- a plot which Jill is very much in on.


3rd- 7th December, 1979

(Monday 10th December, 1979- Tune in Tomorrow Sarasota Herald)


Unwed mother April Stevens moved next to Chris and Snapper.  Jill convinced Derek to play it up to Kay for the “money kill”.  Casey offered to help Luke care for Brooks.  Nikki refused to “be nice” to a commercial client.  Leslie became a blonde.  Brock suspected Jill and Derek are up to no good, but found Derek in Kay’s bedroom.


10th – 14th December, 1979

(Monday 17th December, 1979- Toledo Blade)


Kay agrees to let Derek back into her life.  Brock hires a private investigator to try and catch Jill and Derek together.  Lorie is writing her new novel.  Leslie, in short, blonde hair, is entertainer at Jonas’ club.  Vanessa insinuates to Lance that it’s possible Leslie cannot have children.  Baby Brooks’ nurse is puzzled when Lance insists the child will not be a year old until April.  Rose informs Nikki her IOU means she’ll have to do more than model for the agency.


17th – 21st December, 1979

(Saturday 22nd December, 1979- Madison Courier)


Nikki and Greg argue over whether or not to have children.  Leslie continues to lead a double life while she sorts out her feelings.  Casey is prepared to make Luke forget Leslie.


(Monday 24th December, 1979- Toledo Blade)


Lucas assures Casey his feelings for her outweigh those for his wife Leslie.  Lance walks in while Lucas and Casey are embracing and show his disapproval.  Lance tells Vanessa he is tired of her manipulating ways and that she cannot get away with it any longer.  Lorie is delighted when Lance promises her a trip out of the country for Christmas.  Brock goes to Elizabeth and says he believes Jill and Derek are trapping Kay into getting money.


24th – 28th December, 1979

(Saturday 29th December, 1979 Madison Courier- Speaking of Soaps)


Nikki must choose between her husband and her job.  The presence of Brooks is wrecking any chance that Lorie has of holding on to Lance.


(Monday 31st December, 1979- Montreal Gazette)(Same as Tune in Tomorrow by Jon Michael Reed)


Modelling lothario Addison died while Nikki was “working”.  Brock’s detective gave Kay a tape recording of Derek and Jill together.  Snapper and Chris gave April and her baby a sweet Chrismas.  Derek cautioned Jill to be patient for their scheme to work.  Paul fought with Greg over Nikki.  Liz and Stu shared Chrismas kisses.


(Monday 31st December, 1979- Toledo Blade- Scanning the Soaps by Lynda Hirsch)


When Derek doesn’t call her on Christmas Day, Jill suspects he really is interested in Kay.  Rose contacts Nikki and tells her if she wishes to continue modeling she must come through with sexual favours for her very important clients.  Jonas is becoming interested in Leslie, especially since she has become a blonde.


31st December, 1979 – 4th January, 1980

(Saturday 5th January, 1980- Madison Courier- Speaking of Soaps)


Derek and Jill plot to grab hold of Kay’s money.  Les raises the suspicions of her co-workers.  Nikki has to lie to Greg to cover her tracks.  Brock tries to trap Derek.


(Monday 7th January, 1980- Toledo Blade)


Going to Mr. Addison to plead with him to get her off the hook so she can continue to model without making love to him, Nikki is met with taunts when Addison tries to attack her.  Nikki runs into the bathroom.  While pounding on the door, Addison suffers a fatal heart attack.  A frantic Nikki, who is seen by a hotel maid, calls Rose.  Although he hates the business, Lucas feels he must stay on as head of Prentice Industries to prove his is a worthwhile individual.  Lorie, sensing Lance’s unhappiness, begs Vanessa to let him return to the company.


(Monday 7th January, 1980- Tune in Tomorrow- Sarasota Herald- Tribune)


Gloria, Jonas’ former girlfriend, was jealous of Les.  Stu circulated photos of Les, but she wasn’t recognised because of her new blonde hairdo.  Rose forced Nikki to help her dump Addison’s body by a roadside.  Derek gave Jill the cold shoulder because of Kay.  Lance went on a gambling spree in Nassau with Lorie.  Tony Baker found Addison’s body and searched for loot.