Young and the Restless




2nd- 6th January, 1978

(Monday 9th January, 1978 – Toledo Blade)


Kay gets Derek drunk and tells him he either marries her or forgets about the beauty salon.  Just as Brad is making points with Les, Brock ruins the mood by serenading her.  Lorie suggests that Lucas shave off his beard and come out of hiding.  He hopes to discover what she’s hiding by reading her book, “In My Sister’s Shadow”.  Learning Chris will not give Karen back to them, Ron and Nancy decide to go to court.


9th – 13th January, 1978

(Monday 16th January, 1978 – Toledo Blade)


Kay gets Derek drunk and marries him.  Derek admits to himself as well as Greg and Snapper that he loves Jill.  Lorie panics when she discovers her book is starting to sell.  Reading a copy of “In My Sister’s Shadow”, Brad realizes it is about Les and was written by Lorie.  Stu suggests Les is only grateful to Brad for what he did for her when she was in the institution, but she does not really love him any longer.


16th – 20th January, 1978

(Monday 23rd January, 1978 – Toledo Blade)


Nancy and Ron hire a lawyer for the custody case but Ron refuses to charge that Snapper and Chris are unfit parents for Karen.  Chris wants the woman Ron raped years ago to testify against him.  Vanessa returns to hospital for further facial surgery.  Reading “In My Sister’s Shadow”, Stuart is amazed to realise it is a book Lorie had written about Les’ nervous breakdown.  He urges Lorie to tell Les about the book.


23rd – 27th January, 1978

(Monday 30th January, 1978 – Toledo Blade)


Jill accepts Derek’s marriage proposal.  Sharon Ralston, the girl Ron tried to rape, arrives in Genoa City and gives a deposition concerning the attack.  Snapper wonders if it is right to keep Karen from the cured Nancy and seemingly rehabilitated Ron.  Greg decides to give up legal aid work and go after “the big money”.


30th January – 3rd February, 1978

(Monday 6th February, 1978- Toledo Blade)


Reading Lorie’s book, Lance does not blame her but unconsciously pulls away from her.  Les’ confidence in her talents begins to suffer because of the novel.  When Brock tells Derek that Kay loves him, Derek hastens to assure Kay they can only be friends.  Jill and Derek get engaged.  In a confrontation with Ron, Sharon feels he may have been rehabilitated.


6th – 10th February, 1978

(Monday 13th February, 1978- Toledo Blade)


While Lorie is dreaming of a second honeymoon, Lance decides to accompany Les to her Denver concert.  Lucas warns Lance he is going to ruin his marriage by giving Les too much moral support.  Les agrees to wear a locket which Brad gave her on their first anniversary.


13th – 17th February, 1978


20th – 24th February, 1978

(Monday 27th February, 1978- Toledo Blade)


Lance abruptly ends his second honeymoon with Lorie when he learns that the story about the book revealing Les’ mental breakdown ran in a Denver newspaper, forcing Les to cancel her second concert there.  Aware of Jill’s plans to marry Derek, Kay shows her marriage certificate, but Jill refuses to believe Kay and Derek are married.  The psychiatric report on Karen’s custody leans towards the return of the child to Ron and Nancy.


27th February – 3rd March, 1978

(Monday 6th March, 1978- Toledo Blade)


Kay tells Derek how and when they were wed.  Derek wants no part of a marriage to her.  Thinking Kay has lost her mind, Jill asks Liz to stop working for her.  Karen remembers that Nancy is her natural mother and stops calling calling Chris mommy.  Lucas confronts Lorie while Lance tries to console Les over the newspaper story.


6th – 10th February, 1978

(Monday 13th March- Toledo Blade)


After her disastrous Denver concert, Les and Lance allow their passions to take over.  Greg informs Derek that because his marriage to Kay was consummated, he must get a divorce – which might take over a year.  The psychiatrist feels Karen may suffer emotionally if she stays with Chris and Snapper.


13th – 17th March, 1978

(Monday 20th March – Toledo Blade)


Jill is repelled by the knowledge that Derek slept with Kay.  Les tells Lance that their relationship is over.  Lorie is upset by Les’ emotional dependence on Lance.  Chris realizes Karen wants and needs to be with Ron and Nancy, her real parents, and send her back to them.


20th – 24th March, 1978

(Monday 27th March – Toledo Blade)


Unable to stand being without Karen, Chris decides to leave town for a while.  Liz quits her job at Kay Chancellor’s.  Joanne is writing a book about her weight loss.  Lance thinks Les might reconcile with Brad in order to not give in to her feelings for him (Lance).  After drinking heavily, Kay takes a large quantity of sleeping pills.


27th – 31st March, 1978

(Monday 3rd April – Toledo Blade)


Kay survives the overdose and Derek promises to help her get back on an even emotional keel.  Lucas apologises to Les for suspecting her of trying to take Lance away from Lorie.  Vanessa realizes Les and Lance spent the night together.  Snapper keeps having run-ins with an attractive young resident, Dr. Reed.  Maestro is upset when Les plans to give up a concert career for teaching piano.


3rd – 7th April, 1978

(Monday 10th April – Toledo Blade)


Kay agrees to give Derek a divorce, then decides to contest in order to block his marriage to Jill.  Lorie confides to Lucas she would like the world to know she wrote the bestseller “In My Sister’s Shadow”.  Concerned about her father’s celibate life, Lorie wants him to pair with Vanessa, but he is interested in Liz.


10th – 14th April, 1978

(Monday 17th April – Toledo Blade)


While Jill plans the wedding, Kay plans to keep Derek away from her.  A Broadway producer wants to turn Lorie’s book into a play.  Lance wants to try and make his marriage to Lorie work.


17th – 21st April, 1978

(Monday 24th April – Toledo Blade)


Derek learns Kay has gone back on her promise to give him a quickie annulment.  Lance is irritated when Les accepts a date with Lucas.  Dr. Robbins disagrees with Brock’s contention that his prayers as well as her medical skills helped save Kay from an overdose death.


1st- 5th May, 1978

(Monday 8th May – Toledo Blade)


Leslie’s pregnancy results are positive.  Liz goes to work for Kay at Jill’s request.  Greg fears the man who hired Linda is more interested in her body than her working ability.  Larry tells Linda he’s proud that she’s working.


15th – 19th May, 1978

(Monday 22nd May – Toledo Blade)


Derek decides to accept Kay’s offer.  Learning her ex-boss made a pass at her, Larry forbids Linda to get another job.  Casey’s sister comes to town.  Liz wishes Greg would find a girlfriend.  Les considers an abortion.  Lance is angry when Lorie takes off for New York.


Friday 19th May, 1978


Paul Williams made his debut on the show.


22nd – 26th May, 1978

(Monday 29th May – Toledo Blade)


Les considers marrying Brock to give her baby a father.  Derek moves in with May but insists on twin beds.  Nikki, Casey’s sister, is secretly entertaining boyfriends at home.  She is unhappy when Casey finds her a busboy job at Allegro.  Lance is mistrustful of Lucas’ being with Lorie in New York.


29th May – 2nd June, 1978

(Monday 5th June – Toledo Blade)


Stuart asks Liz to work as his housekeeper and be his friend.  Brock is not certain that Nikki, Casey’s sister, is right for the Allegro; she always has her mind on boys and is not happy about working.  Jill agrees to work at the Golden Comb and suggests Derek get out of his marriage with Kay by being purposely cruel.  Although Derek makes an attempt, he cannot go through with it when he realizes she really does care for him.  Leslie wants to have Lance’s child but doesn’t feel she can give birth to an illegitimate child.


5th – 9th June, 1978

(Monday 12th June – Toledo Blade)


Vanessa tells Lorie she is appalled at her decision to publicise the book “In My Sister’s Shadow”.  Snapper warns Greg against thinking of Linda as more than a friend.  Beth warns Linda that contentment must come from within – not from a job, a husband, or anything else.  Brock feels Les is about to accept his marriage proposal, but she cannot put aside her love for Lance.  Kay hopes to get pregnant before her year’s trial marriage with Derek is up.  Jill takes off the engagement ring Derek gave her.  After a long talk with Stuart, Jill finds he’s very much like Phillip and that she’s attracted to him.


12th – 16th June, 1978

(Monday 19th June – Toledo Blade)


Lorie plans to see a divorce lawyer and move out of the house.  Stuart is disappoinyed when he learns that Les and Lance are in love.  Vanessa one again is turning against Lorie.  Jill decides not to see Derek while he is living with Kay.  Snapper finds himself turning towards Casey as Chris’ absences grow longer.


19th – 23rd June, 1978

(Monday 26th June – Toledo Blade)


Lucas tells Lance that Lorie ran off to New York after seeing Lance embrace Les.  Lorie begins to soften when Lance reveals that he had planned to take her to Europe on the day she left for New York.  Casey is upset to learn Nikki is entertaining men at their apartment.


26th- 30th June, 1978

(Monday 3rd July – Toledo Blade)


Before Leslie can tell Lance she’s carrying his child, Lance tells her he plans to go back to Lorie.  Jill calls her ex-fiancee David (who was the recipient of her father’s corneas just after he died) to try to rekindle romance but learns he has a new woman in his life.  Kay continues to woo Derek with kindness and gifts but realizes the way to keep him is by having his child.


3rd- 7th July, 1978

(Monday 10th July – Toledo Blade)


Kay locates Derek’s son and discovers the boy’s stepfather is dead.  Hoping the return of his son will keep Derek bound to her, Kay decides to bring the child to Genoa City.  Les tells Stuart she must make a new life for two.  Jill gets a job in the advertising department on Stuart’s newspaper.  When Linda tells Larry she feels trapped because of their marriage, he suggests she leave.  Mickey comes on to Snapper.  Stuart is displeased when Snapper shows up at Liz’s on the Fourth of July and brings Casey along.


10th – 14th July, 1978

(Monday 17th July – Toledo Blade)


Les’ return to the concert stage is a triumph.  Lucas shows up backstage and later reveals to Les that he knows she’s pregnant and will stand by her.  On their second “honeymoon” to Europe, a tipsy Lorie goes to bed with Lance even though she didn’t plan the trip would get intimate.  Linda tells Larry she doesn’t know if their marriage has any future.  Jill is hurt when Stuart asks Liz for a date.  After seeing Liz and Stuart share a romantic kiss, Jill tells him her mother will always love her late father.


17th – 21st July, 1978

(Monday 24th July – Toledo Blade)


Nikki refuses to believe that boyfriend Ted has VD.  Snapper warns Greg that it was a mistake for him to hire Linda to work in his office since he loves her.  Lance is perplexed to learn that Lucas is staying with Les.  The Maestro agrees to give Leslie away when she marries Lucas.  Learning about Nikki’s active sexual life, Snapper decides that new intern Scott Adams is just the person to make her realise there is more to a man-woman relationship than sex.


24th – 28th July, 1978

(Monday 31st July – Toledo Blade)


Returning home from Europe, Lorie warns Vanessa not to do anything to jeopardize her marriage to Lance.  Though shocked by Les’ marriage to Lucas, Stuart says he will lend them support.  While Kay visits Derek’s ex-wife in an attempt to have Derek’s son spend some time with them, Kay learns Derek’s real name is George Bowman.  As George Bowman, Derek was wanted by the syndicate for killing the brother of an important mobster.  Brock takes Casey on a date.  Nikki is surprised that Scott didn’t make a pass at her on the first date.


31st July – 4th August, 1978

(Monday 7th August – Toledo Blade)


The mobster whose brother Derek killed when he was George Bowan is released from prison and is out to get revenge.  Returning from a mysterious trip, Kay is openly frightened of Derek but will not reveal why or what she knows about his past.


7th – 11th August, 1978

(Monday 14th August – Toledo Blade)


Terrified by what she has learned of Derek’s past, Kay tells him he can have his freedom and the salon but doesn’t tell him why.  Mobsters show up at Kay’s home, say they will spare his life for $100,000 in cash, but once they have the money they tell her that Derek is a dead man.  When Derek calls, Kay warns him to get out of town.  Brock forces Nikki to accept a date with Scott that includes dinner at the swank Colonnade Room.


14th – 18th August, 1978

(Monday 21st August – Toledo Blade)


Seeing hoodlums pull a gun on Derek, Kay steps in front of him and is shot. Unable to remove the bullet from her spine, physicians fear she may be paralyzed from the waist down.  Although she still loves Lance, Les tells him to stay out of her life and let her make a new one with Lucas.


21st – 25th August, 1978

(Monday 28th August – Toledo Blade)


Derek tells Brock and Kay he became a syndicate collector when his father couldn’t meet payments to the mob.  Then, agreeing to give testimony, Derek shot a member of the mob who came after his father.  Derek decides to stay in town if Kay is paralyzed.  Learning fo the seriousness of her injury, Kay is upset because she feels Derek is staying with her only out of pity.  Lorie’s worry that her father is lonely and needs sex is not unfounded.  Stuart is torn between his attraction to Jill and his fondness for her mother Liz.


28th August – 1st September, 1978

(Monday 4th September – Toledo Blade)


Kay tells Derek she doesn’t know if she wants him around only because of pity.  Kay wants Brock to tells Derek to leave town.  Lorie tells Lance she wants to postpone having a child.  She wants to fulfil her need to be a celebrity-author first; then the babies can come.  Knowing it’s Stuart coming to take her mother on a date, Jill puts on her skimpiest outfit to answer the door.  Casey pulls away from Snapper after a passionate kiss, then admits the reasons she shies away from men is the fear she may fall in love with a man who turns out to be a monster – as had happened to her mother.


4th – 8th September, 1978

(Monday 11th September – Toledo Blade)


With Derek at her side, Kay is released from hospital.  Though he says he loves her, Greg gives Linda advice on how to save her marriage with Larry.  Larry admits to Linda that he also had felt trapped in their marriage – having to work and support a family and fight the feeling he wasn’t getting anywhere – but he was frightened when she decided to change her life, and now would like to avoid a divorce.  Lorie tells Lance she can handle being both a celebrity and a mother, and decides she wants to have a child.


11th – 15th September, 1978

(Monday 18th September – Toledo Blade)


Even though she managed to keep Stuart away from Liz’s surprise birthday dinner for him, Jill is upset to realise he might have been happier spending the evening with her mother.  Nikki refuses Casey’s offer to pay for her college, saying she has no plans for going to school.  Patti tells Scott that Nikki really likes him but feels cheap because Paul called her a tramp who has given half the town VD.


18th – 22nd September, 1978

(Monday 25th September – Toledo Blade)


Just as Snapper begins to show his feelings for Casey, Chris returns and wants to pick up their marriage where she left it.  Snapper tells her he doesn’t know if that’s possible.  Stuart accuses Jill of knowing her mother was planning a surprise party for him when she insisted on taking him to dinner, then decides he must be mistaken.


25th – 29th September, 1978

(Monday 2nd October – Toledo Blade)


Jill does everything she can do to break up the date between Liz and Stuart.  Lorie and Snapper are hoping Liz and Stuart’s date will lead to a sexual encounter.  When the Maestro suggests that Les and Lucas await her baby at his Swiss villa, so no one can count the months, they agree.  Chris tells Snapper she can’t make a decision until he makes a decision about Casey.


2nd – 6th October, 1978

(Monday 9th October – Toledo Blade)


Vanessa, finished at last with plastic surgery, removes her veil; Lucas is greatly relieved by the result.  Casey informs Snapper she might not still be around when he finally makes his choice between her and Chris.  Casey and Chris come face to face in the hospital.  At the last moment, Liz is unable to make love to Stuart, who says he understands.  Later on her makes love to Jill, then wishes he hadn’t.


9th – 13th October, 1978

(Monday 16th October – Toledo Blade)


Casey reminds Chris it was she who left Snapper, not the other way around.  Brock is rooting for Chris and Snapper to reconcile so he can have a clear field with Casey.  Stuart tells Jill their relationship is over.  When Jill hears that Uncle Bruce Henderson is having heart surgery, she decides Liz should go to his bedside in Chicago to get her out of the picture with Stuart.  Kay asks Liz to come back and work for her, but Liz intends to stay on as Stuart’s housekeeper.


16th – 20th October, 1978

(Monday 23rd October – Toledo Blade)


Jill tells Derek unless he leaves Kay she will make a commitment to another man.  Learning Stuart is at a convention, Jill follows him to Las Vegas.  Chris lets Snapper know he can’t have her in bed unless he wants her in marriage.  Scott and Paul get in a brutal fight when Paul insists in front of Nikki that she’s just as trashy as she ever was.


23rd – 27th October, 1978

(Monday 30th October – Toledo Blade)


Kay pays Suzi to keep Jamie away from Derek.  Derek informs Kay he wants to contact his son, Jamie.  Following Stuart to Las Vegas, Jill suggests they get married.  Casey assures Snapper she will wait for him but won’t let her feelings get in the way of living her life to the fullest.


30th October – 3rd November, 1978

(Monday 6th November – Toledo Blade)


Uneasy over Vanessa’s plans to take an active role in Lance’s business, Lorie talks him into helping Vanessa find her own apartment.  Feeling lucky to be alive, Kay plans to open a boutique.  Although doctors think she may never walk again, a jubilant Kay discovers movement in her toes.  Lorie fears Jill is after Stuart.


6th – 10th November, 1978

(Monday 13th November – Toledo Blade)


When Suzy, his first wife, doesn’t answer his letter, Derek decides to phone and ask about his son Jamie.  Jill is taken aback by Lorie’s suggestion they throw a surprise party for Liz and Stuart.  Stuart is in an emotional dilemma torn between his desire for Jill and feeling foolish by her being so much younger.


13th – 17th November, 1978

(Monday 20th November – Toledo Blade)


Nikki makes time with an older man.  Chris decides to return to college.  An ailing Snapper undergoes emergency surgery for acute appendicitis.  Lucas, assuming Leslie doesn’t want him around after the baby is born, tells her it would be easier if she has a girl because boys are hard to raise alone.  Lance wants Vanessa to stop threatening Lorie with her ability to destroy their marriage.


20th – 24th November, 1978

(Monday 27th November – Toledo Blade)


Snapper, in hospital recovering from the appendicitis operation, is astounded when he is served with divorce papers from Chris.  Coming to hospital to explain things, Chris is stunned in turn when she sees him embracing Casey – no realizing Casey is only offering him comfort.  Stuart has eyes only for Liz to her surprise, which causes an unhappy Jill to leave the party early.


27th – 1st December, 1978

(Monday 4th December – Toledo Blade)


Just as Lorie is about to confront Jill with her awareness that Jill is out to get Stuart, Liz walks in.  Chris informs Greg she filed for divorce after Snapper called out Casey’s name after surgery.  Having a change of heart, Chris informs Greg she went to see Snapper but found Casey in his arms.  Casey, bewildered by Chris’ divorce action, insists that Snapper get in touch with her.


4th – 8th December, 1978

(Monday 11th December – Toledo Blade)


Lucas settles the company strike.  When Lorie spots Jill and Stuart dining, Stu tells Lorie their relationship is none of her business.  Snapper, released from hospital, is furious with Jill for having told Liz that Stuart is having an affair with another woman.  Casey and Nikki are shattered when their mother dies in a car crash.


11th – 15th December, 1978

(Monday 18th December – Toledo Blade)


Jill thinks she is pregnant.  Brock warns Snapper that supporting Casey after her mother’s death may be at odds with his intentions to reconcile with Chris.  Liz tells Stuart she knows he is seeing another woman.  When Leslie wants to return home to be near her father, who is having problems, Lucas insists on accompanying her.  Vanessa keeps trying to pull Lucas and Lance apart but discovers Lance is not at all upset that Lucas is taking a hand in the family business.  Jamie, Suzanne and Derek’s son, is seriously ill.


18th – 22nd December, 1978

(Monday 25th December – Toledo Blade)


Peggy, Lorie, Leslie and Chris all come home to stop Stuart from becoming too involved with Jill.  Stuart tells them to mind their own business.  After considering what the girls have told him about Jill and realizing how much it will hurt Liz, Stuart tells Jill their relationship is over.


25th – 29th December, 1978

(Monday 1st January, 1979 – Toledo Blade)


Derek invites Suzanne to spend the holidays in Genoa City.  Kay, hiding the fact she can walk, tells Suzanne that Derek must think it is her husband Alex (who is really dead), not Jaimie who is seriously ill.  Brock takes Casey on a ski weekend.  Lucas warns Lorie not to trust Vanessa.  Leslie and Lucas are upset when they are unable to get the flight back to Switzerland and must spend the holidays with Lance and Lorie.