Young and the Restless



January 1976

(April 1976- Mary)


Leslie is having an exciting time in Paris. Her concerts have elicited raves and Lance Prentiss is wining and dining her royally. They keep reminding each other of her marriage to Brad, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep that in mind. Brad has encouraged Leslie to see Paris, but is unaware that Lance is with her. Brad has also assured Lorie that Jen did not tell him of Mark, that he just put the pieces together. Lorie has learned from Stuart that Mark is working at a clinic in Cleveland. Borrowing money from Stuart for the trip she goes to Mark. Mark is amazed to see her and to learn that she knows that they are brother and sister. She insists that they could have married anyhow, as long as they had no children. He says that their situation would have been like a cancer that would have eventually turned their love into something obscene.

Meanwhile, Snapper and Greg have been trying desperately to get Mr. Foster on an early plane to Arizona as his condition is worsening. He agrees, but changes his mind when he finally learns of Jill's arrangement with Katherine. He hastens to the hospital where he confronts Katherine and Jill. Jill tells him that it's too late. She's signed the papers and accepted the million dollar check. He begs her to get out of the deal. Whatever time he has left to live, he wants to spend with his grandson and nothing is more important to the baby than its mother's love. Having failed with Jill, Liz confronts Katherine in the waiting room where she is expecting Jill to arrive with the baby momentarily. he tells her that she's comtemptible for corrupting Jill with money and begs her to return the papers and call of the deal. He says they can give the baby something money can't buy. She tells him those are mere words, and demands to know what he has ever been able to do for his children. No she will not return the papers. The baby is her whole life now.


What Katherine doesn't know is that Jill has learned that the baby cannot leave the hospital. He has developed a low grade fever and the doctors will not release himuntil they are certain he is in good health. Snapper has urged Jill to leave but she is determined to stay until her baby is out of danger.


Joanne is excitedly looking forward to her date with her husband. Brock has given her the money for a new dress for the occasion. She had looked all over town for an attractive size 22 1/2 and has finally settled for a maternity dress. She is showing it to Brock when her husband calls to break the date.


Peggy has gone to ask Jack to help her prepare for an exam. Though he's told her of having previous plans, he agrees to cancel them and help her. Peggy isn't surprised. Jack is an honorable man. He even turned down Peggy's offer to go home with him. Chris then warns Peggy to be careful; that she is vulnerable.


Chris feels left out of Snapper's life and is rejected when she suggests starting their family, and considers whether going back to school would help her have a more fulfilled life.


 Peggy has no idea that her friend Jack is married and even now after helping her with her studies and splitting pizza with her, is showering before joining his wife Joanne in bed. Joanne looks hungrily at Johnny (her name for Jack) as he comes from the shower. She complains about how long it has been since they made love. He tells her he is tired and has to get up early. She tears up an early picture of herself that she'd told Johnny would be a reminder to her to lose weight, and has gorged herself to ease her frustration. Awakening and finding what Joanne has done, John tells her she must lose weight for herself, not for him or anyone else.


In Paris, Leslie and Lance say their goodbyes. He is off to Athens. She thanks him for having made Paris unforgettable and hopes someday he will meet Brad and her sister, Lorie.


Stuart told Brad how kind he was to encourage his wife, Leslie, because not many men would.


Meanwhile Jill has learned that her baby is fine and can be released the next day. She goes home to take up where her mother left off in convincing her father to accept hte money and go to Arizona. Liz has even accused him of refusing only as a punishment to Jill and urges him to do something for his daughter for once in his life. Jill has told him never to mention the baby to her again. She calls Katherine and arranges to meet her at the hospital tomorrow. But the next day the nurse puts the baby into Jill's arms and she realizes then that she can never give him up!


Jill has brought the baby home and the family is delighted. Shortly after her arrival, Katherine comes to demand the baby. Jill tries to make her take her check back. She refuses it and threatens to take Jill to court. When she returns home Katherine leaves an urgen message for her attorney to call her. While waiting to hear from him, Snapper and Greg arrive. Greg tells her that no jury in the world would give her the baby; that she might even end up with criminal charges placed against her for trying to buy a baby if she pursues a court case.


The seniors have started moving into their new home, Katherine's estate. Katherine's attorney returns her call. He basically tells her the same thing that Greg told Jill, so she has no choice but to accept the return of Jill's check. She tells the seniors to leave, and indicating Greg and Snapper, blames them and their sister for causing the seniors to lose their new home.


Later as she turns to the bottle for solace, Brock tells her that all the Foster needs are still there. She could and should help them. She wonders why she should when her life is so empty? He tells her she won't fill the emptiness with a bottle.


Brock has also comforted Joanne when she is ridiculed by two male customers because of her weight. One has said "There's enough there for the both of us". Brock has told the customers that they have made him ashamed of being a man. When he tells Joanne that at least she's trying to lose weight, she confesses to having regained every pound that she had lost. She insists it's not Johnny's fault. He's her whole life. If she ever lost him she couldn't go on. Brock says he'll find a way to convince her she is beautiful. Johnny meanwhile has called Peggy and asked her to come to his office. When she arrives, she is crestfallen to learn she's gotten an A- on her test. Earlier a classmate told her that Jack was famous for his affairs with students and he always gave them A's. He tells her that he didnt' even grade her paper; that he's never cared for anyone as he does for her, but she shouldn't fall in love with him. She says it's too late, she already has!


 Jill has hocked the jewels Phillip gave her for $1500 and has asked Greg to institute a suit on her child's behalf against Phillip's estate. Everyone in the Foster home is worried about money. They must hurry because Phillip's will is almost out of probate.


Chris discovers Gwen in the convent. She is now Sister Magdelaine. She chose the name because of Jesus' having forgiven Mary Magdelaine. Chris had gone to the convent to get the Reverend Mother to sign a petition for a school crossing. Now, she marvels at how wonderful Gwen looks. Gwen tells her that soon she will take her final vows and hopes that Sister Magdelaine will be a better person than Gwen was. Chris tells her that she was a very special person.


Liz has gone to ask for Katherine's help. She pleads with her to make a call to the factory to help get her job back. She tells Katherine how desperate she is, the utility company is threatening to turn off the heat, the bills are stacking up, and she must get work. Katherine refuses, but asks her to come back to work for her instead. Liz agrees, and before she leaves, accepts an advance from Katherine so she can take care of the more immediate bills.


Brock is later successful in encouraging his mother into helping the Fosters. He tells her to be a Godmother to the baby and to do everything for the family that she can, in spite of the fact that she didn't get the child.


Katherine is once again excitedly making plans. She will send Bill and Liz to Arizona, hire a nurse to help Jill with the baby, give Jill a monthly allowance and start a trust fund for the baby. When Brock asks her if she still feels lonely, Katherine admits to feeling wonderful.


Though Greg feels Jill should use another attorney, he draws up the papers for her and has them served to Katherine. When she receives them, Katherine tells herself what a fool she's been to even consider helping out Jill Foster. Brock races to Jill and tells her what his mother had planned to do for her family. If only she had waited a few days before bringing suit. Bill says "What in God's name have you done, daughter?" Jill wants to see Katherine as soon as possible.



#930 October 1976


Snapper goes to see Bill and realizes that Liz pulled the life support plug off.  Leslie tells Jennifer and Stuart that she is having second thoughts on divorcing Brad because he is going blind.  Snapper tells Liz that she has to leave the hospital room since she pulled the plug.  Liz tells Snapper that Bill begged her to pull the plug.  Snapper realizes he did not reactivate the plug in the hospital.  Stuart goes to see Brad and Brad says he does not want Leslie to stay with him out of sympathy.  Jill and Greg (Brian Kerwin) find a worn out Liz, but Liz does not tell them about Bill.  A nurse finds the plug on the floor.


(Tune in Tomorrow)


11th-15th October, 1976


Joann began eating when she learned about Jack and Peggy's engagement. Then Peggy said she's returning the ring. Bill collapsed and was rushed to a hospital. Stuart postponed confronting Jennifer about Laurie's paternity after he learned Jenn has developed a heart condition.


18th-22nd October, 1976


Kay offered to pay for Bill's hospitalization if Jill agreed to sign a statement that Phillip wasn't the father of Jill's baby. Lance grew closer to Leslie, especially after she met Vanessa. Laurie fumed quietly. Joann's divorce became final. Ron and Nancy had it out when his phone was installed.


25th -29th October, 1976


Nancy feaked out when Ron confessed everything. She was carted away in shock. Ron lured Chris to his apartment. Bill signed a right to die document, and Jill ageed to sign Kay's affidavit. 


1st-5th November, 1976


As he attempted to seduce Chris, Ron freaked out and ran away. Laurie discovered that Leslie's pregnant and that Stuart knows he's not Laurie's natural father. Kay gave Liz the confession Kay had forced Jill to sign. Peggy and Jack set the wedding date -- New Year's Eve.


(Toledo Blade)


22nd November, 1976


Greg has Chris and Snapper appointed Karen’s legal guardian.  Visiting Jack’s apartment, Peggy considers making love but backs down.  Vanessa tells Les that Laurie is seeing Brad on the sly.


29th November, 1976


(President Carter vows to reduce tension in cities)


Bitter and hurt because Brad didn’t tell her he was blind, Les offers to give him the divorce he wanted and walks out before he can answer.  In an effort to drive Laurie and Lance apart, Vanessa invites Les to stay with her.  As Bill lies close to death, Liz eyes his respirator and wonders if he shouldn’t be allowed to die with dignity.


6th December, 1976


Unable to bear Bill’s suffering, Liz pulls the respirator plug.  Snapper discovers what happened, takes Liz home and warns her not to reveal how or when Bill died.  A nurse discovers Bill’s body and the pulled plug.  Les tells Stu and Jen that Brad is blind.


13th December, 1976


Laurie and Lance set a wedding date for St. Valentine’s Day.  Les tells Stuart she might turn to Lance for love she needs.  Vanessa tells Brad it would be unfair of him to let Les return.  Going to Brad, Les asks him to say he loves her.  When he doesn’t, she starts to leave, but decides to stay and tells Brad she’s going to help him shape up.


20th December, 1976


A nurse in the sanitarium where Nancy is hospitalised notices a newspaper sketch and thinks it may be Nancy but changes her mind.  Karen calls Chris “Mommy”.  Greg warns Chris even though she and Snapper are about to become permanent guardians for Karen, if Ron or Nancy return she is legally their child.  The hospital administrator reports Bill’s pulled plug to the police.  Jill gives Kay a note from Bill.  Les tells Brad to shape up and helps him get it together.  After she leaves, Brad whispers for her to “come back”.


20th – 24th December, 1976

27th December, 1976


Determined to get Brad and Les together, Laurie hires a piano tuner to untune the piano at the Brook’s, forcing Les to practice at Brad’s.  While she’s practicing, a Christmas tree arrives and Les intimidates Brad into helping her trim it.  As they place the first ornament, he grasps her hands and she reciprocates.  Les and Vanessa call a truce.  Homicide detectives question the nurse about Bill’s respirator plug.  Greg feels Snapper could have called the family before Bill died and wonders if her really gave their father the best care possible.


27th – 31st December, 1976

(Monday 3rd January, 1977 – Toledo Blade)


Les leaves a Braille love note for Brad, then pretends to leave to see his reaction.  Admitting she is still in the apartment, Les refuses to go.  Brad’s defences break down when she kisses him good night and he opens himself to her love.  Haunted by nightmares of Ron raping her, Peg postpones marriage to Jack, who intends to wait.  Laurie gets Vanessa’s permission to call her mother Prentiss.  The man who was given Bill’s eyes visits Liz.  Kay admits to Jill that she witnessed the night Jill and Philip conceived little Philip.