Young and the Restless



January 1975


(Daytime TV January 1975)


Chris realizes Snapper is Sally’s baby’s father and falls, resulting in a miscarriage.  She doesn’t want Snapper to know the truth and has only confided in his mother.  Les is happy her relationship with Brad is growing.  Laurie is trying to win Jed from his wife without much luck.


24th March, 1975


Bill Foster is found collapsed on the Fosters porch.  Phillip asks Kay for a divorce.  Leslie and Brad discuss Lori’s book.



June 1975


(Daytime TV June 1975)


Jennifer left for Florida to think about her life, and Bruce followed.  Laurie and Les know about her confusion.  Bill Foster has contacted Snapper.  Chris told Greg his father is alive.  Pam is flattered by the attention Mark is paying her.  Stuart is confused about Jennifer’s behaviour and has impresses on her how much he loves her.  Kay has been bugging Jill and Phillip’s meetings.


July 1975


(Daytime TV July 1975)


Chris told Greg that Snapper heard from their father.  Greg is determined to find him.  Gwen went into a convent.  Stuart had a severe heart attack.  Jennifer told the girls she wants a divorce.  Jill has resigned as Kay’s companion.  Kay wants to give her a college education, trying to win her husband back.  Liz enjoys Sam’s company, not knowing her husband is alive.


Friday 15th August, 1975


Phillip Chancellor died.



#616 Monday 8th September, 1975


Jennifer tells Bruce that she has found a lump on her breast.  Peggy tells Stuart that she has no plans of going back to college.  Lori tells Jed that she is not taking the orchestra job.  The $5000.00 that Brad and Laurie used is to spend on publishing her book.  Stuart tells Peggy that he is starting divorce proceedings.  Bruce wants Jennifer to have a biopsy.  Laurie tells Leslie that she changed her mind about taking the orchestra job.  Laurie says she is tired of being in Leslie’s shadow.


#624 Thursday 18th September, 1975


Stuart tells Fran (Susan Brown) that Jennifer is having a biopsy on her breast.  Snapper tells Chris, Laurie and Leslie that Jennifer has breast cancer.  Chris tells Stuart about Jennifer and Stuart tells Chris that Jennifer filed for divorce several days ago.  Liz tells bill that Sam asked her to marry him.  Jennifer finds out she has cancer.


#630 Friday 26th September, 1975


While talking with Peggy about Jennifer, Stuart receives his divorce from Jennifer.  While Jennifer is in surgery, Mark comforts Laurie.  Jennifer wakes up crying after the surgery.


November 1975


(Soap Opera Digest Issue 1)


Ruth is sorry that Bill Foster left, she tells Kay Chanellor.  Kay objects to Ruth’s using Mr. Foster’s first name, and her annoyance grows when Ruth admits how well she and “Bill” got along.  When Ruth presses Kay as to who she’s dressed up for, Kay says Ruth is ill and sends her upstairs.  Kay’s caller rings the doorbell: it’s Mr. Foster.  Bill asks to see Ruth.  Kay says Ruth is upstairs asleep, and shouldn’t be disturbed.  She says, however, that she asked him over for a different reason.  Bill resentfully demands to know what; Kay says she’ll tell him if he’ll dine with her.  Bill does not want to.  Kay tells him she plans to have Phillip’s headstone changed, and at Bill’s indignant reply that Phillip would have wanted what Jill wanted, Kay agrees to leave it as is- if Bill will have dinner with her.

               Leslie, Chris, and Laurie sit by their mother Jennifer Brook’s hospital bed.  Leslie has good news: the cancer in Jennifer’s breast did not spread.  Jennifer makes no reply, and lies silent and motionless as Chris pleads with her to talk.  A man enters the room and asking for Mrs. Jennifer Brooks, apologetically serves a summons.  It is from Stuart, who has filed for divorce.  Jennifer now speaks: she doesn’t care if it’s from a man, because she’ll never allow one to touch her again.

               Greg Foster asks his mother Liz why she is dressed to go out.  She does not want to discuss it.  She is aware of his disapproval and feels awkward and uncomfortable talking about the divorce; she asks if she doesn’t have a right to happiness, and says she is dressed to see Sam and she is going to answer “yes” to his proposal.

               Jill, at her new waitressing job, sees Sam at one of her tables.  Sam tells her that he and Bill have talked and they both want Liz’s happiness.  Liz comes in and sits down, surprised and embarrassed to be served by Jill.  But Jill begs her to enjoy herself.  While Sam and Liz eat, she tells him the children aren’s happy about the affair – but she’s filing for divorce, and will be free in a few weeks.  Sam is overjoyed, and kisses her tenderly.

               Kay Chancellor puts off telling Bill why she asked him over.  He grows impatient and angry as he repeatedly asks her why, and criticizes her bitterly fro having taken what Jill should have gotten. Kay tells him why she asked him over.  She offers him a job working for her supervising the grounds; when Bill expresses amazement, she ups the pay offer to $250 a week.

               Leslie, Chris and Laurie sit at a restaurant and talk about their mother.  Leslie and Chris want to go home; Laurie remarks how nice it must be to have husbands to go home to, and stays behind.  Not wanting to spend the evening alone, she calls Mark Henderson to make a date, but he is on call at the hospital.  After singing a song with Brock she asks him over- but he wants to think, to be with God.  A frustrated and depressed Laruie leaves alone.

               Leslie comes home to find Brad holding his head in his hands, but he cheerfully talks of their upcoming concert trip to San Juan; Leslie gratefully thanks her husband for all he’s done for her, for practically rescuing her.  Brad demurs that she would have made it anyway, and tells her of a possible one-woman concert in New York.  Leslie, surprised and dubious, hugs him and goes upstairs, calling him to come up soon.  But he continues to sit alone in the dark, deeply troubled.

               Mark Henderson surprises Laurie at her apartment.



October 1975

(January, 1976- Mary)

Knowing Leslie was missing, the Brooks family was terribly upset. But Laurie was in seventh heaven since Brad had asked her to marry him. It wasn't until a doctor at the sanitarium where Leslie was placed saw an old newspaper with her picture in it, that he believed his Jane Doe to be Leslie Brooks. He called Stuart who immediately went to see if indeed his daughter had been found.

When Leslie's identity was discovered, Brad learned the truth of what Laurie had done and broke their engagement. Leslie, with Brad's help, had a complete recovery, and they planned to marry. Meanwhile, Leslie bought Pierre Roulland's nightclub from his widow, Sally, and renamed it the Allegro, and Leslie began singing there.


When Katherine learned that she was no longer Phillip's wife, she could not face the truth. She only remembered she was drunk the night Phillip left, and did not remember signing the consent papers that allowed him to divorce her.


Meeting Phillip at the airport on his arrival, Katherine insisted on talking to him. She pretended to give him a friendly ride home. In a highly emotional state, Katherine drove off a cliff. Phillip was left in critical condition; Kay was in serious condition. Jill was at Phillip's side while he was in the hospital. Through her father Bill Foster, Phillip arranged for he and Jill to be married. Jill eagerly prepared her hospital ceremony and, after it was performed, planned for the future of her family. But when Jill returned to the hospital later that evening, Phillip had died. But Jill's grief was soon replaced by her hatred of Katherine Chancellor.


 Jennifer Brooks was feeling unneeded now that her children were grown and was feeling taken for granted by Stuart. She was about to ask Stuart for a divorce to marry her old lover, Dr. Bruce Henderson, when Stuart collapsed of a heart attack. Guilt stricken, Jen decided to wait until Stuart had recovered before asking for a divorce. The family was in turmoil and deeply divided in their opinions. Laurie was the most sympathetic of the three girls to her mother's plans for a new life, while the younger Peggy hated Jennifer so much that she had to move out of the house. Jennifer asked Stuart for a divorce when he was well and, although filled with guilt, flew to Chicago to begin a new life with Bruce. Immediately afterward she discovered a lump in her breast. It was malignant, and a mastectomy was performed. Jennifer then refused to marry Bruce or return to Stuart, who still wanted her. But Stuart continued to love his wife, and in time Jen got over her feeling of being too disfigured for a man to love, and they were reconciled.


November 1975

(February 1976- Mary)


Brad told Leslie the truth of his own past, how he had been a Chicago neurosurgeon who had an affair with a nurse named Barbara Anderson. Barbara had had his son, who eventually died while Brad was operating. This caused Brad so much guilt that he left Chicago and gave up medicine. Leslie said that she would keep his story a secret, and they got married.

Many months of bitterness followed Phillip Chancellor's death. Jill possessed Phillip's money and property, including the house. Jill insisted that her entire family move into the house, but they weren't used to having servants and felt strange at first. With Jill's prodding, they began to enjoy being wealthy. Meanwhile, Katherine was driven to prove that Phillip and Jill weren't really married and to get back her house. During a messy courtroom battle, Katherine told how she had been coerced into signing divorce papers while she was drunk and didn't know what she was doing. She won the case and got her estate back and made Phillip's son illegitimate. It bothered Katherine that Jill was carrying Phillip's baby and offered Jill a million dollars if Jill would give legal custody of the child to her. Jill agreed.


Jennifer also had to face another crisis. Laurie, after a romance with married Jed Andrews, fell in love with Bruce Henderson's son, Mark Henderson. Mark was the big love in Laurie's life, and the one man who allowed her to abandon her shell. Jennifer was stunned when Laurie and Mark announced their engagement, for all these years Jennifer had been harboring a secret. Bruce, not Stuart, was Laurie's father. Therefore, Laurie and Mark were half brother and half sister. When Mark heard the truth from Jennifer he was dazed, and immediately left town.


December 1975


(Daylight TV magazine December 1975)


Leslie is on a concert tour.  To surprise her, Stuart and Peg, not knowing that Jen and Bruce would also be there, went to see her.  All had a confrontation in Les’s hotel room, while she was still at rehearsal, Laurie, hearing the quarelling, ran into the room to help.  Not seeing Les behind her, she accidentally slammed the door on Les’s hand.  After discovering Mark’s impotency, Laurie has been trying to cure him, by sensitivity training.  He’s been impotent since his wedding night, when his bride died. 

The court battle ended between Jill and Kay for legal ownership of the Chancellor estate.  Kay won.  Jill hasn’t told her family of her pregnancy.


(Daytime TV December 1975)


Kay won the suit and moved back to her house.  Liz has gone to work for her as her housekeeper.  Bill is working for Stuart.  Leslie had a successful concert in New York, and she and Laurie are mending the past.  Laurie is working for Les.  Jen is beginning to long for her family, because she is scared since Bruce found a lump on her breast and wants her to have it investigated.  Chris wants to do some modeling to help financially, but Snapper is opposed to it.  Laurie tried to stop the publishing of the book about Les, but her plan backfired.


December 1975

(March 1976- Soap Opera Digest)


Katherine is in good spirits. For the first time in years, Kay decorates a tree.  Brock stops by and notices her cross and Bible, the last present Phillip gave her. Kay tells him that she has been given a second chance, a reason to be alive, and agrees with Brock that she's found her faith again.


At the hospital Dr Atwater tells Jill and Liz it was only false labor pains but Jill is going to have her baby any time now. She must stay in the hospital. At home Liz finds a letter that Jill had left there and opening it she learns Jill's intention to give the baby away under the thought that she can't give the baby the life that it deserves. Liz confronts Jill with it at the hospital and tells her it was Liz who stressed to her how hard having a baby would be. Then Bill arrives excited about the arrival of his first grandchild. He brings Greg along. He reminisces about what his kids were like as babies, and reminds Jill that Phillip is with her now, and he always will be. Jill remains adamant and tells Katherine her plans have not changed. Meanwhile Liz is demanding to know who is taking the baby.


Earlier, Chris and Snapper visited with Dick who had not yet left for Iowa. Dick was depressed and confused and said he couldn't hack it, the whole world fell in. Snapper surprises Chris by agreeing saying Kathy's not so hot anyway. Dick becomes enraged and grabs him by the collar and shouts that he loves her and that Snapper should not say those things about her. Dick later breaks down and tells Kathy that he loves her and that he isn't going to Iowa, that he has arranged for her whole family to come to her.


Lori comes home. Stuart silently reminisces about the day that Jennifer walked out, and then she comes in the door. Later alone in the kitchen, both Peggy and Jen begin to cry and hug each other.


Jill goes into labor! The again tells Liz "I'm doing it for the baby". Snapper enters and alone with Jill, tells her he's figured out that she's made a deal with Katherine; but after listening to her reasoning, can't bring himself to say she's wrong. Later he comes out of her room and announces to a nervous Bill and Greg that it's a 7 lb. 4 oz. boy. Thrilled they crowd around Jill's bed. Bill again reminisces about his own children and almost weeping tells Jill she'll never know how much this grandchild means to him. Later though Jill refuses to even meet her own child!


 Meanwhile Katherine tells Brock that she is going to start her new life by donating her house to the people of the Senior Citizen's Home, to live in beauty and comfort instead of that cold dingy house. Brock goes out and returns with the old people. When Kay tells them the are moving, they are speechless with excitement and gratitude.


Jill thinks back to last New Year's Eve, when Phillip made a resolution to marry her. Katherine comes in and relieved that Jill hasn't changed her mind, tells her to concentrate on what she's doing for her parents.Jill accuses her of phony concern and tells her to leave!


With Brock at the Allegro,Lorie sadly recalls that tonight she was to be married to Mark, and vows never to trust a man again. The next day she discusses at Brad's insistence exactly what happened the day that Mark left: the blood test, Mark saying he could not marry her, they were not right for each other. Jen meanwhile talks with Stuart about how she enjoyed the holidays. They both admit they often thought about calling each other. Stuart tells her that he, Leslie, Chris, and Peggy have all agreed that they want her to move back home. Jen agrees, delighted. But later she is visited by Brad who, putting Lorie's blood test, Mark's exact words, and Jen's relationship with Mark's father together, arrives at the truth, and dares Jen to look him in the face and deny it!


Jennifer is having a great deal of difficulty in living up to her promises. She had told Stuart that she is coming home, and Brad that she will tell Lorie the truth about Mark, that he is her half-brother! Brad has forced her into the last decision by telling her that Lorie has become a drunken wanton as a result of Mark's having deserted her with no explanation. She calls Lorie to say she is coming to see her.


 Leslie is with Lorie when Jen phones. Leslie has come to offer her help to Lorie and to ask why Lorie wanted to see her before she left town for her last concert. Lorie just wants to be left alone. Leslie tells her she should concentrate on her work. Earlier, Greg has said the same thing to Lorie. She told Greg that she's planning to publish her new book very soon, but does admit to being concerned about Leslie's reaction to book content. She plans through her work to grab all the good things in life for herself. Things that Leslie already has.


Later Stuart visits Lorie. His concern makes her realize how much she needs him and regrets the wasted years when they were not close. When Jen arrives Lorie tells her of her happiness at the newfound relationship with Stuart. Now wanting to destroy that relationship, Jen decides not to tell Lorie that Mark is her brother and she also tells Stuart that she will not be coming back home. When Stuart returns to find a house filled with flowers and welcome home banners, he tells the girls of Jen's change of heart. They share his hurt feelings and think that Jen is behaving as she is because of her recent masectomy.


Meanwhile, Jill is determined not to see her baby and calls Katherine to tell her she intends to go through with her deal and should be leaving the hospital the next day. Her parents come in and Bill tells her how much his grandson means to him. Jill comments on her father's worsening physical condition and how she would like to send him to Arizona and even go with him. He assumes that includes the baby. her mother, agreeing with Snapper and Greg that Jill would change her mind if she saw the baby, has had a picture of the baby made and leaves it with Jill. her father forces Jill to look at it. She is entranced.


As a result of Jill's phone call, Katherine is packing to leave when Brock enters to discover baby clothes among her belongings. She confesses her plan to take the baby to Europe and leave her house to the seniors. She begs her son not to stop her. Brock goes to the hospital where he runs into Chaplain Banister. he then confronts Jill with the idea of having the baby christened that very day by Father Banister, who is leaving for missionary work in South America the next day.


At the university Peg has dropped in on Jack Curtis' in response to his phoned invitation. He wants to see a lot more of her. He kisses her and asks her to please come again tomorrow.


Brock successfully manipulated Jill into having her baby christened. Jill insists first that it will not change her plan to give the baby to Katherine. During the service, Jill is fascinated with her baby who is christened Phillip Chancellor Foster, the Chaplain having added the Foster.


Katherine has gone to Brock's restaurant to ask about Jill's behavior at the christening and to tell him again that if he's interfered with her plans, she will never forgive him. He says she will have to ask Jill herself.


In Paris, Mr. Prentiss and his pilot Skip play backgammon and discuss how eagerly Mr. Prentiss looks forward to the Bizot concert the next evening.


 Leslie is just leaving for the airport when Brad comes in. Excitedly she tells him of Maestro's call inviting her to fly immediately to Paris to substitute on the morrow for the suddenly ill Maestro Bizot. Brad is thrilled for her, but before he leaves with her for the airport, Lorie calls him demanding to see him. Lorie tells Brad when he goes to see her that she overheard enough of his conversation with Jen to know that he knew a great deal about what was going on. He does not deny it but says he must make Jen tell her because he cannot. After Lorie leaves, he calls Jen to tell her of Lorie seeing him and again insists that Jen must tell her the truth. Lorie goes Brock's restaurant. Brock says he's been praying to God for all of them, for Jill and the baby, for Lorie, for everyone. Lorie says she's cold even though it's warm in the restaurant. She tells Brock she's been cold ever since giving blood. She then calls Jen to tell her she is coming over for answers and Jen is going to give them to her this time!


Jill assures Katherine that she has not changed her mind and will go through with her deal when she leaves the hospital tomorrow. Katherine is relieved for as she told Brock earlier, the baby has become her whole life.


Jen had not recovered from her earlier meetings with Brad and Stuart; Brad telling her to tell Lorie, Stuart demanding to know why she did not move back home. Still she can do nothing to avoid this confrontation with Lorie who now stands before her accusing her of destroying her relationship with Mark. When Jen admits that Mark is her brother, Lorie screams at her for being cheap and having a fast fling in the backseat of a car! That as a result, Lorie has not only lost Mark but her father as well.


Peggy is also angry at Jen and tells the professor she's seeing, that she wished Jen had had the decency to stay out of their lives when she walked out on them originally.