Young and the Restless



March 1974

(Daytime Serial Newsletter)

Sally told Pierre she agreed they should sell the restaurant and move to Paris. She added Snapper did not know about the child. However, Sally and Pierre were robbed and Pierre struggled with him when he tried to take Sally hostage. Pierre was injured and at hospital, did not respond to the neurological tests Brad gave him. He suddenly died. Marianne Meulot, Pierre’s sister arrived from France and vowed over Pierre’s body that Sally would pay. She told Sally she had no right to the restaurant and tried to throw her out. Stuart was upset to see Snapper comforing Sally and told Jen he did not trust Snapper. Marianne was furious when Pierre’s will indicated Sally was the sole heir of the restaurant and made an appointment to see Stuart.

Jill was ecstatic over her new job but realized Kay had a drinking problem. When Kay’s husband, Phillip Chancellor begged Kay to stop drinking, she refused. Jill was discouraged at Kay’s lack of response to their efforts.

Gwen Sherman, Greg’s mystery client, told him all she wanted from her aunt’s estate was money. She turned down Greg’s date invitations because he did not know dating men was her profession.

Lorie was using her book manuscript to take Brad away from Leslie. When Leslie triumphaly returned from her piano debut, Lorie had prearranged a date with Brad which hurt Leslie to the core. Lorie told Brad that Leslie felt a muscian could not divide herself between a husband and a career. When Leslie confronter her sister, she said Brad was helping her with her writing. At Brad’s suggestion, Leslie got him a ticket for her Detroit concert but Lorie managed to detour the ticket. Against his wished, Brad began thinking of the things Barbara never told him that drove him out of Chicago and of the operating room. 

April 1974 

(Daytime Serial Newsletter)

Before leaving for Paris, Marianna told Stuart that Snapper is the father of the child Sally was carrying. Stuart confronted Snapper who refused to either deny or admit. When Sally learned what Marianne did, she went to Stuart and Jennifer explaining she got pregnant to trap Snapper but realizing how much he loved Chris, she married Pierre. She added she would be leaving Genoa City. However, Snapper learned of Sally’s suicide attempt by gas in her early months of pregnancy and he insisted she remained in town until the baby was born. Chris was angry at her father’s attitude about Snapper’s protectiveness of Sally but Stuart was furious to learn that Sally was staying in town. 

Greg continued to press Gwen for a date and she explained she distrusted men as after her mother died her father informed her he was never married and took off. She tried to discourage Greg to get closer. He was confused when a man arrived at Gwen’s apartment ignoring she was a call girl. 

Katherine told Jill about her strorybook first marriage to Gary Reynolds and her marriage after Gary’s death to Phillip Chancellor. Jill was impressed by Phillip ans he was protective of her realizing she was innocent about men. Jill managed to keep Katherine from driking all day and when Phillip arrived home he was encouraged. But when he was preparing to make love ti his wife, she took one dring and another and she passed out when Phillip returned from the shower. 

Lorie hid the love letter and concert ticket Leslie sent to Brad and implied Leslie forgot. When Leslie called just before the concert to find out why Brad wasn’t in Detroit, Lorie answered and made it celar Brad was interested in her, Lorie. Leslie was in shock and so odvercome that she had to be led off the stage. She went to New York and wantered Central Park in confusion. Her handbag was stolen and she spent the night in the rain calling for help. A policeman found her but she was incoherent and taken to Manhattan’s Psychatric Hospital where she was diagnosed as a possible mani-depressive and put in an observation ward as Jane Doe as she had no ID. She was confused when a young orderly tried to make love to her. Meanwhile, Lorie was taking advantage of Leslie’s absence to get closer to Brad. She admitted she has finished her book and would probably be more successful than Leslie and she said she thought she was pregnant.

July 1974 

(Daytime Serial Newsletter) 

Lorie ignored Chris’ hopes that she would use an assumed name on her soon to be published novel and put Stuart off when he asked to see the draft. She was shoked to hear Leslie had a nervous breakdown and tried to avoid Brad. Leslie blamed Lorie for her breakdown. Brad tried to talk to Leslie but she refused. Lorie’s publisher, Dave Larson, set up a centerfold magazine spread as promotion for her novel and she had to go to New York. She asked Brad to elope but he fit the pieces together and realized Leslie was waiting for him in Detroit. Lorie asked Leslie not to tell Brad the truth and leslie replied she would let Lorie do it. Jen ended up guessing Lorie mut have taken Leslie’s call but refused to believe it. Brad asked Lorie if she took Leslie’s call. 

 Kay, very depressed, slept with Jeff, the stable boy over Jill’s objection. She told Jill she had become like a daughter to her since her son Brock had not contacted her in years. Phillip spent more time with Jill and gave her a string of pearls and surprised her with a kiss. When she asked Phillip what he expected, he assured his intentions were honorable. After a dance, he told her he loved her. Jill re-doubled her effort to keep Kay sober but could not help wondering what could Phillip’s pledge of love could mean.

 Snapper’s schedule as a full fledged doctor left him very little time off and Chris planned a special dinner for his first evening home. The mood was shattered when he learned she withdrew money from her parents to buy things she felts they needed. Sally went into labor, worried that her suicide attempt would affect the child. Snapper visited her to reassure her. Stuart and Jennifer felt Sally’s remaining after the baby’s birth was a threat to Chris’ happinesse particularly since she was herself pregnant. But Snapper refused to mention it to Sally until they knew the baby was all right. Liz stayed with Sally during her labor but felt guilty that she loved Sally as much as Chris. The baby boy was born but there were no news on its condition.

August 1974

When Jen and Stuart Brooks learn that their daughter Laurie took the phone call that caused her sister Leslie’s breakdown, they are shocked, Stuart goes so far as to say he wonders sometimes if Laurie could be their child, causing Jen to recall a time when she left Stuart and spent some time with her former boyfriend, Bruce, but she returned to Stuart when she realized the importance of her marriage to him.  When each of them confronts Laurie with what she did to Les, she shows little remorse, saying from her point of view, they’ve never had time or love enough for her, which each denies, saying they always were there for her, but Leslie’s shyness demanded more direct attention.  Laurie accuses them of trying to take Brad’s love away from her too and goes to New York to pose for the centerfold, successfully, with her former boyfriend Jed along for moral support.  In her absence Brad gets the whole story from Les, and upon Laurie’s return, he breaks their engagement saying all they had was a tremendous physical attraction and are two fundamentally different people.  The Maestro visits Les, saying he and the orchestra expect her to join them for the St. Louis concert in September.  Brad tries to help Les regain her confidence, but she resists his efforts because of a fear of failure, and when he accuses her of running away, she counters with saying he did the same thing by giving up his other life, probably, she guesses, as a psychiatrist, but he denies he was running away, saying he was running to a new life.  Les goes into the music room and finally begins to play, but stops when she hits one wrong note.

               Sally Rouland presents Dr. Snapper Foster with a perfect baby boy, she finally names Charles Pierre after her dead husband, although she wanted to name him Bill, after Snapper the baby’s real father.  Snapper refuses to see Chuckie until Liz persuades him that doing so would help his attitude about his wife Chris’ expected baby.  Chris’ sister Peggy Brooks comes across Snapper and Sally while working on her hospital column and is persuaded by Snapper to keep quiet to protect Chris and assuring her he loves Chris greatly.  Peg, however, is disillusioned and disappointed.  Sally prepared to leave town with Chuckie, sad at leaving her only friends, but excited about starting a new life.  At home with Chris, Snapper can’t get his final visit to Chuckie with Sally off his mind, but finally tells Chris the idea of a baby is growing on him, making her ecstatic.  Chuckie develops pneumonia, causing Sally to call Snapper, and cancel her plans to leave for Chicago.

               Prodded by his sister Jill’s report that Gwen has gone back to prostitution, Greg Foster visits her and is devastated by her appearance, induced by liquor and pills.  She insists he leave because she’s a no good tramp.  He returns, cleans her up, and dumps out her pills and alcohol.  He bigns to “clean up her mind,” but she is unco-operative because she’s afraid he’ll leave and she’ll be back where she started, but does send a customer away while he’s there.  He continues his campaign, telling her she can have what they had again if she’s willing to work for it.  He kisses her and leaves her with some hope.

               Having told Jill he loves her, Philip Chancellor asks Jill to spend the night, causing her to wonder why she’s so curious about what will happen.  Phillip tells her he expects nothing but her company.  Kay asks Jill what she would do if she had the Chancellor wealth and is upset when she says she would help her family.  Jill becomes overwhelmed with the contrast between her mother and her circumstances and Kay, telling Liz that she deserves much more.  When Kay asks her husband Phillip if he’d remarry if she dies, he says he never thought of it, he concedes she believes him, saying he never appears to have the same needs as other men, finally begging him to make love, but aftr agreeing, he can’t follow through.  Kay, having frequent pain, refuses to see a doctor afraid of what he may find.  After a nightmare about Kay’s pretending to be dead to trap Phillip and her into confessing their feelings for each other, Jill calls her brother Snapper, who examines Kay over her objections and finds she has an enlarged liver.  He recommends she go to the hospital for tests.  Kay refuses.  Snapper tries to persuade Jill to leave Kay’s negative influence, but Phillips asks Jill to stay, saying he never wants her to leave.  He and Jill try to persuade Kay to take a trip, which she finally begins to consider, telling Phillip his love and concern are all that keep her alive.