Young and the Restless



#1 – Monday 26th March, 1973


Amnesiac Brad Eliot hitches a lift into Genoa City where he meets Stuart Brooks.  Sally complains to Snapper that she feels so restless.


1973 – Snapper and Chris discuss premarital sex


In this episode, Snapper is caught between two women. First Chris Brooks confronts Snapper about their relationship. She expresses her love for him and presses him to marry her. Then, Snapper goes to see Sally McGuire, only to find that she is equally demanding of his affection. She accuses him of dating Chris and other women, and insists that he treat her with respect. Snapper responds to Chris by telling her that marriage is out of the question, but he suggests that they take their physical relationship to the next level. When it comes to Sally's demands, he simply leaves, evading her questions and her complaints. Stuart Brooks is suspicious of Snapper and does not approve of him dating his daughter. He tells both Chris and Snapper how he feels about their relationship. When Chris is hurt by his criticism, Stuart begins to doubt himself, but soon after he receives some information that confirms his suspicions about Snapper's character. Includes commercials.


#133 – Thursday 11th October, 1973


Chris says that she feels a little under the weather.


#134 – Friday 12th October, 1973

#135 – Monday 15th October, 1973


#136 – Tuesday 16th October, 1973 (Tape date: Tuesday 2nd October)


Chris is in her bathroom, rinsing off her face when Jennifer comes from behind and mentions that Greg is downstairs.  Chris knows that the women are coming from the rape crisis centre tonight – but she doesn’t know when.  Chris tells her mother she’ll slip on something and come down.  Greg waits with an obvious penetrating curiosity.  Jen comes down and says Chris will be down in a minute or two.  Greg expresses his feeling that there’s something everyone is keeping from him and he suspects that something is going on there.  Jen handles the moment with sensitivity.  Greg tells Jen that he happens to love Chris, and whatever it is why won’t they tell him.  Chris comes down and says how grateful she is that he’s here.  She’s just wanted some time to herself and that it has nothing to do with him personally.  Chris graciously touches on the idea that she’s expecting someone.  When she opens the door for Greg to leave, the two women from the Rape Crisis Centre are there and said they were just about to ring the bell.  Greg asks Chris privately about why she’s talking with women from the Rape Crisis Centre.  She tells him that she has to go in now, but perhaps they can talk in a day or so.  The two women leave having made an impression on Chris to report her rape.


Brent walks Jill home after an evening together.  He asks her if she enjoyed herself and she says yes, very much.  They talk for a while and she complains about her work at the beauty parlour, yet she’s good at it and is lucky to have a job.  She complains that she doesn’t want to grow up and live like her mother – and yet she thinks her mother is super.  Brent reassures her that there’s nothing wrong ever with a person trying to improve herself, reach beyond what her parents have had.  Jill tells of how she answered a modelling ad and Chris Brooks was there.  The photographer told them the kind of pictures he wants and both she and Chris decided to leave.  After they left, Jill lingered in the ladies’ room until Chris had left, then went back and asks the man if she could try out for the job, but by then he had hired someone.  Jill admits to Brent that at that moment in time she would have gone ahead with it.  “How about that for looking for a way out?”, Jill says.  Brent suggests to her that they discuss this on their next date.


#181 Monday 24th December, 1973 (Tape date: Thursday 6th December)


The show opens in the upstairs hallway, as Chris comes from her room to Leslie’s room and the door is slightly ajar.  Chris looks in on Lorie and happily reflects on having her older sister home again.  Chris tells Lorie how much it means to her to have Lorie there for her wedding.  Chris tells Lorie that she’ll be meeting her future brother-in-law tonight.  Lorie inquires after “Snooper” – Chris smiles and corrects her to “Snapper”.  Lorie wonders why Chris isn’t wearing her engagement ring.  Chris touches on how Snapper is already working all sorts of hours at his outside job in addition to his work at the hospital.


Snapper and Stuart talk in the Brooks living room.  Stuart asks Snapper where he works and what time he’s due at work tomorrow morning.  Stuart offers to give Snapper and Chris a loan after they’re married but Snapper declines and says they’ll make it.  Chris proudly introduces Snapper to Lorie.  After the niceties, Lorie suggests to Stuart that maybe Snapper and Chris might like some time alone, so they both leave the room.


When Snapper gets home, he’s surprised that Jill is still awake.  She’s made a hot toddy each for them.  They share a tender brother-sister moment as Jill says she’s going to miss him.  Snapper picks up on the fact that Jill is a little troubled.  She says it’s been a kind of an emotional night for her- the fact that Snapper will be getting married, how unsettled she is with her own life, how much she misses Brent.  She said she misses the Christmases they had as a family before their father left them- they didn’t have much but it was a special time.  She reminds Snapper how much he idolized his father and how they would pick out the perfect tree together.  She wonders if their father will come home for Christmas, yet they don’t know if he’s dead or alive.  Jill observes how lucky people are to have their parents and how often they don’t stop to count their blessings.


Leslie and Lorie catch up with each other in their bedroom.  Lorie’s been away for four years.  Lorie eventually inquires into Leslie’s personal life and asks about there being any man.  Leslie keeps quiet about Brad.  Lorie says relates Leslie’s lack of men to spending all her time at the piano.  They eventually talk about Snapper and Chris.  Lorie says she likes Snapper, but thinks that Chris doesn’t realise that struggling without money is not as glamorous as it sounds.


Liz comes out into the Foster living room and sees Snapper apparently asleep on the couch and says “I’m going to miss you, boy”.  She said she’d been waiting for him to come upstairs – he said he was about here but was just lying here thinking about weddings, apartments, etc.  Liz is mindful of the fact that he hasn’t given Chris an engagement ring.  Snapper says he’ll give one to her one day, but right now it doesn’t matter to Chris.  Liz says she has a ring which she never uses but would be mighty proud if he gave it to Chris.  Snapper accepts the ring from her.  They go upstairs together. (Fade to black)